Partha Mitra, Founder, Alliant technologies


Improving Business Performance!

With the commitment to create innovative approaches that lead to breakthrough performance, there is one company which is innovative dynamic, vibrant and flexible. We here are taking about Alliant Technologies. Alliant technologies is the brainchild of Partha Mitra, a Microsoft certified professional. YourStory had a conversation with this professional where he told us about his electric venture and his vibrant journey.What is Alliant Technologies all about?

Alliant is an IT Company focusing on Business Solutions that helps company Go “Green”. focusing on SME Segment. Our Solutions helps organizations cut down their IT cost and dependencies on Paper. Our Business Solutions includes ERP, CRM, HR and Payroll Application, Logistics and Supply Chain Solutions etc. Apart, we have our manpower sourcing and staffing vertical which caters to numerous Industries providing talented manpower in various skills and level. Other services includes Project management & Consultancy.

What is your target audience?

We cater to the IT requirements of SME. We have good number of customers in India and Abroad and the list is increasing. Our choice of open Source Technology helps to keep our cost down.

What according to you makes you different.

For our manpower sourcing business, it’s the customer experience ( Right talent @ 24X7 ) that differentiates us. Also, our software applications are developed on Open Source Technology reducing cost.

Why did you choose entrepreneurship as your career?

A regular job won’t provide all the opportunity to exploit all the aspects of business. Being an Entrepreneur, I am more independent and free to think and act. Creating something new and in-directly supporting the society by creating job opportunities is the main source of motivation. And of-course, What’s life without challenges?

What hurdles did you face in your journey?

Company awareness and generating revenue was one of the biggest challenge. It Seemed all are ready for selling but few for buying. It’s a hard task to promote services and then convince. Also, making companies understand the importance of going "Green" was not an easy task too.

Any mistakes?

Not recruiting good and experienced people while starting the company was the biggest mistake we made.

What is the present scenario of Alliant Technologies regarding growth?

Growth is stable. Currently, we have thirty employees and one office. However, we operate sales activities from our sales consultants and business partners offices in US & Germany.

What is in the future for Alliant Technologies?

Alliant is Registered with ESC to promote its IT business in developing nations. Alliant is also working with renowned consultants from US, UK andGermany to promote its business. Our vision is to maximize our global reach and deliver our business solutions to various domains.

What would you describe as achievements for Alliant Technologies?

Solid foundation and right choice has always been our top achievements. Our company started operation during Recession. We were born in Recession. It gave us opportunity to focus on our foundation. And as far as recognitions are considered we have just started our business. Recognitions are on the way.

Any tips for the coming generation of entrepreneurs?

Budding entrepreneurs should have a few things in their mind before they start their journey

(a) Don’t start a venture where you don’t have expertise or which you don’t understand

(b) Do a lot of research on the business. Get all required information. Discuss with others. Look at the challenges. Consider all worst case scenarios. Consider the commitments towards the family. Then, if you start the venture, don’t look back or decide to quit until successful.

(c) Recruit experienced and good people who understand business. Without a strong team it becomes very difficult.


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