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Employment is definitely a major cause of worry among people all over the world. There is one recruitment system online which increase employability for everyone who needs job. Yes we are talking about Rangrut Information Services. YourStory had a conversation with Parul Sharma, the Founder of Rangrut where she told us about her tremendous journey.What is Rangrut all about? helps employers to recruit student and job seekers from various institute/university irrespective of their location and reach. It bridges the existing gap between students, institutes and employers by providing a platform called placement cell. The mission is to provide awareness to students and job seekers and to provide an online and offline platform to institutes and employers to interact and understand each others requirement so as to provide better placements to students, institutes and better resources to Employers.

In what way Rangrut is helping students and other job seekers?

I see a huge scope of my organization in the existing and coming market. Three types of people are benefited with this organization. One is the students and Job seeker who will be able to get better understanding of the entire placement process. Second is the institute which will be able to highlight itself irrespective of any location and reach. Third is the Employer who has to spend lot of money in the placement process. Employer can now recruit good number of resources with lesser cost, time and better understanding. We have more than fifteen employees and we are headquartered in Indore.

What is the basic business model and why is it different from others?

Business model is to facilitate all the three parties, students, institutes and employers by providing database access to employers, e-services like e-placement cell and e-brochure to institutes to manage the data of the students and at last better placement for students. And what makes us different is online and offline platform i.e. the placement cell and TPO conferences where employers can explain their requirement to institutes so that the institute can make sure that their students get better placements by better understanding of the industry’s requirement.

What do you think about entrepreneurship? How has it influenced you personally?

I see that there is a hidden entrepreneur in everyone. Entrepreneurship is more of an opportunity than a choice. Both the things are equally important. I am still into job, job of entrepreneurship, but with a better understanding of my work and with a willingness to implement new ideas into it. My job is to provide a good environment to all the employees of my organization. Employees in my organization are entrepreneur of their own domain and their own work.

Has there been any challenges in your journey?

The biggest challenge so far was to be prepared for the challenges. The next challenge was to hire a good team. I had a share of everything but I never felt like giving it up because all I wanted was to work with the spirit.

What do you want Rangrut to be in the coming future?

We want to create a system where Students, job seekers, employers and institutes get benefited. Institutes and Employers will have the software where they can manage the data of the students and can use it accordingly. We want students to get better knowledge of the industry and ultimately get better placements. There are n numbers of institutes and employers whom we are going to provide our value added services. We already have advertisement section and featured listing for both the institutes and employers apart from our services.

Any moment of recognition?

Actually it’s not any individual who is working great but it’s a complete team. Our organization is recognized in many ways, for the work culture, environment, employee satisfaction & our different approach for the placement process. Every achievement is followed by a next achievement. I see that our organization is achieving success on regular basis

What would be your advice for the upcoming generation of entrepreneurs?

I think one should be very confident about his idea and should be very clear with the revenue model. The business should not be person dependent but it should be system dependent. The kind of team one has counts a lot so hire people with even better skills then what you have. Dont be afraid of the risks and the competitors involved.

YourStory wishes Parul Sharma and Rangrut all the best.


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