S.S.Bhowmick, Founder, NexG Exuberant Solutions


Innovations through Informations

Since the beginning of this millennium, a standard mobile device has gone from being no more than a simple two-way pager to being a cellular phone, GPS navigation system, an embedded web browser and Instant messenger, and a hand held video gaming system. One such next generation company giving mobile technology solutions is NexG Exuberant Solutions. YourStory had a conversation with S.S.Bhowmick, the founder of NexG Exuberant where he told us about his dream journey.Tell us something about NexG Exuberant.

Nex-G Exuberant Solutions Pvt. Ltd. combines the entrepreneurial spirit of a young organization with the domain expertise and credibility of an established global NEX-t Generation mobile communication software company. We offer software solutions, technical consultancy, expert manpower and technical training in next generation mobile communication technologies like GSM, GPRS, CDMA, UMTS, CDMA 2000, LTE, IMS, VoIP, UMA, NFC, WiFi, WiMAX, DECT, TETRA, ATM, MPLS & mobile/network platforms SYMBIAN, J2ME, BREW, WinCE, Windows Smartphone, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, LiMo, IN, VAS, Billing, Revenue Assurance, NMS, M-Commerce.

What is the scope in mobile technology?

The prime demand of converged communication industry is the creation of a quality reservoir of skilled and trained technical professionals.

Our prime minister recently stated that there will be 25 million jobs created in the telecom sector in the future. With mobile companies providing voice and data services to over 4 billion consumers on networks that cover 6 billion people, there will be immense opportunities for trained professionals.

What is your target audience?

We are not limited to India. We want to serve the full nation. Nex-G Exuberant Solutions’ Mobile Technology Academy is helping many young engineers prepare for a promising career in mobile technology.

How is your venture different from other such ventures?

We are focused on optimizing our customers' investments in Information Technology. We help customers envision and shape their future around the key drivers of technology, productivity and cost-effectiveness. We provide complete end to end solution in mobile space. We are the only company in world with such vast portfolio.

What inspired you to be an entrepreneur?

This journey has been a rollercoaster ride. I was never intrested in a nine to five job because it has limitations. I wanted to touch more lives and I wanted to serve a wider market which is what drove me in and I never looked back.

Tell us about the challenges and hurdles you came across in your journey.

The biggest challenge so far was to generate advertisement revenue. But we overcame that by using social networking sites to promote us. I made few mistakes too. Intially we took a lot of time in making important decisions which I suppose has been the biggest drawback.

What is the future of NexG Exuberant?

We want to become leader in wireless/mobile technology consultancy. NexG exuberant would be a very popular and respected brand name.

How many employees and branches do you have?

We have two branches, one in India and the other one in Nigeria. And we have more than hundred employees working with us towards the success of NexG Exuberant.

What has been the biggest achievements for you and NexG Exuberant?

Working with top companies like ST Ericsson / NXP Semiconductor has been the biggest achievement in this journey.

Do you have any tips for the upcoming entrepreneurs?

India is one of the best market. Do not think much about entrepreneurship, just do it.

YourStory wishes S.S.Bhowmick and NexG Exuberant all the very best.