Karishma Daswani, Founder, FemmeHire.com


Not just Jobs at FemmeHire

The empowerment of women has been happening for nearly a century now. With universal franchise, equality and feminism there have also come numerous challenges on the path to breaking societal enforced gender roles. For Karishma Daswani, the path of entrepreneurship has not only given her a separate and unique identity of her own, it has also given her the opportunity to do the same for the others of her sex. The founder of FemmeHire explained how her jobsite is about more than just employment opportunities for women in a revealing session with Yourstory.What is the USP for FemmeHire and what is it about?

FemmeHire is a passion site for women. It’s a jobsite with a difference-wherein the focus is on encouraging women globally to share their skills & talents via the FemmeHire blog http://karishmadaswani.com/karishmadaswani/index.php/femmehire/ and encourage and advise each other not just about making the best use of their qualities but also discussing work/life balance, domestic responsibilities, motherhood, student life etc. It’s aimed at finding one’s calling in life and earning through it by means of sharing. Most importantly focusing on work as fun and flexible

How far do you intend to grow?

The scope of FemmeHire is worldwide –for women across the borders. It’s simple! The More passions/job postings & more CVs = More passions & more people http://www.femmehire.com/passions.aspx

How did FemmeHire and entrepreneurship happen for you?

I spent a little over a year (comparatively less amount of time) in the corporate world but it was enough for me to know that the 9-5 or rather 6 day week from 9-7 was not for someone as free-spirited as me. No flexibility, mundane routine & environment not conducive to flourish talent & make use of individual experience are issues I felt very strongly about. It was one thing gaining “corporate experience” & having a fixed monthly income but it came at the cost of a lot of things. I did want to work part-time and utilize the remaining time as complete –“me time” but there were no good opportunities available which I thought would enhance my professional skills & is 1 of the major contributors to the idea of FemmeHire.

It did make me wonder whether if I was on the right track or wasting precious years of my career when people questioned the current level I was on –both financially & in terms of experience compared to my peers but here my husband has been a major motivator, him being an entrepreneur himself.

So yes I thought about a regular job when things didn’t seem all rosy but something inside me was sure that it’s not my calling in life. This is why I have started the FemmeHire blog with the specific intent that ladies can advise & encourage each other to pursue their passions J

What is the most difficult part of being a Woman entrepreneur in India?

Being compared to my peers- interms of experience & financially; as well as the mindset of people that being a woman & recently married, I would eventually give up the dream of being an enterpreneur as its more a man’s domain & also get bogged down by domestic responsibilities

As a society we have progressed tremendously in ‘allowing’ entrepreneurship to blossom.

An Indian entrepreneur especially a woman may face discouragement for trying to make a mark in a man’s world as the general assumption is that entrepreneurship is more suited to men and marriage dimishes the professional growth and ambition for a woman. So, basically society mental blocks may have to be dealt with. However, it’s not that bad. Persistence pays

What is the mistake that you have learnt the most from?

I wasted a lot of time initially waiting for ‘things to happen’ Even though I read a lot about how networking is very important when you start a new venture, it was lacking in my approach. I thought people would eventually find out & contact me whereas it is completely the opposite. You have to go out & present your idea to the world and confidently so.Has your work found you any acclaim or given you any achievements?

As a start-up entrepreneur, the biggest achievement for me has been the positive, encouraging & phenomenal response to my idea. This means a lot as instead to being advised on how I should proceed as a beginner, I am being touted as someone with a great potential & future in entrepreneurship

I have been featured in a well known global Sindhi magazine ‘BeyondSindh’ in the section ‘Strong Sindhi women & their Business Acumen’ But that was while FemmeHire was still an idea & more to do with my Human Resource blog www.karishmadaswani.com and work in the same field. http://karishmadaswani.com/karishmadaswani/index.php/press/

What motivates you when you are really down?

A profession if a passion is a pleasure J I love what I do and very importantly my family is very supportive. These are 2 things that really keep me going.

What are the things you intend to do in the coming two years?

It is my dominant intent to genuinely help fellow ladies and make everyone feel productive and special and earn! I would love FemmeHire to reach a level wherein a woman reads the blog and either already finds answers to her queries there or gets other women to respond from their knowledge and experience. Its about giving, sharing and earning from your passions J

What are the attributes that an entrepreneur needs to cultivate according to you?

Believe in yourself, believe in your idea. Be open to suggestions, criticism & praise so as to recognise feasibility of change if required in your concept otherwise keep moving ahead. Networking is the key! There are many forums online as well as associations meeting on and off discussing enterpreneurship and ideas. Attend these & know where you stand. Don’t be afraid to express yourself. You’re here not because you’re one of them but because theres something different you got to offer.

Karishma is all set to do her bit and we hope that her enthusiasm and passion never flag. To all the women reading about FemmeHire we recommend a good look at what FemmeHire has to offer. Yourstory wishes FemmeHire.com and Karishma Good Fortune…May Lady Luck smile upon you.