[TC-I Call to Action] Opportunity for ASER fellowship

23rd Jun 2010
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Specifications for ASER Associate

Recruitment agency: ASER Centre

Job base location: Rajasthan

Last date to apply – 24 June , 2010

Note – Candidaites of Rajasthan domicile or those who have spent substantial amount of time in Rajasthan ( 7-10 years or more), need only apply.

Description of organization:

Facilitated by Pratham (www.pratham.org), the Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) is an innovative exercise that engages citizens in understanding and evaluating the current situation and outcomes of elementary education in India. Every year, ASER is conducted by local institutions in every rural district of the country. ASER has contributed to setting the quality agenda in education in government and policy circles, both in India and internationally.

ASER Centre (Assessment | Survey | Evaluation | Research) (www.asercentre.org) is an attempt to institutionalize the design and process of ASER and ASER like initiatives. The objectives are to strengthen different aspects of this process, to build capacity of individuals and institutions at state and district level to design, conduct, disseminate and understand basic assessment and analysis activities in education and other social sectors.

Job description:

ASER Centre is offering three fellowships for ASER Associates in Rajasthan. We are looking for energetic and dynamic young individuals who are interested in applied assessment and research who are eager and willing to work hard and learn.

Below are the primary tasks and responsibilities that the job may entail:

• Coordinate Research, Assessment and Evaluation studies for ongoing and new projects of ASER Centre in Rajasthan. The candidate shall be expected to work on the following aspects:

o Finalize evaluation tools and formats for ASER and other studies through survey pilots on the field

o Coordinate ASER survey and other fieldwork. This may entail

 Finalizing partners/ surveyors to carry out the respective surveys

 Training surveyors to effectively carry out the required fieldwork

 Monitoring and coordinating the fieldwork

 Coordinating data entry for the respective surveys

o Collate and analyze findings from the data collected

o Disseminate findings from ASER and other studies to diverse stakeholders

To build the capacity of candidates to satisfactorily carry out the tasks listed above, a combination of classroom lectures, on job learning through in-house and field-based assignments and distance learning courses shall be carried out. The course work during the year will include:

• Classroom lectures

• Distance learning courses in Basic Statistics and Basic Communications

• Data laboratories (where candidates will work with data)

• Extensive field time for piloting surveys and tools & collecting data

• Training of state and district teams for ASER & ASER like activity

• Basic data analysis and report writing

The candidate will have to spend extended durations in Delhi or in a training centre (6 to 8 weeks at a stretch) and also extended periods travelling to rural areas within the state or to other states as required. Sincerity and discipline shown towards the courses and assignments shall be a component in assessing the performance of the ASER Associates.

Qualifications and competencies:

Following are the basic qualifications and competencies the candidate is expected to possess:

• Educational Qualifications: Preferably Graduate

• Basic Knowledge of M.S. Office (Excel and Word)

• Strong understanding of ground level situations. Prior experience of managing programs or field surveys will be helpful

• Good communication skills (written and oral) in at least one of the two languages: Hindi and English.

• Attention to detail to effectively coordinate assessment, monitoring and evaluation processes

In addition to the above technical competencies and qualifications, the candidate should be:

• Willing to travel extensively to anywhere in India (especially rural India) to conduct trainings, to coordinate and monitor evaluations on the field. He/ She should be able to adjust and work in tough field situations

• Able to handle work pressures and deliver under tight schedules

• Able to work well in teams and lead teams, when required to do so

The candidates will be expected to work in close coordination with ASER Centre research team and the respective State leadership. Mutual understanding between the ASER Associates and the State leadership to meet ASER centre related goals is critical.


The selected ASER Associates shall be initially appointed for a 2 month probation period. Based on their performance during the probation period, the candidates shall be finalized for the position of ASER Associate. They shall accordingly be given a contract with ASER Centre, expiring on 31st March 2011. Decision regarding continuation of the engagement, post 31st March 2011, shall be taken by ASER Centre in consultation with the respective State heads. The decision shall be based on factors such as: Performance in tasks and projects assigned, Ability to work in a team, Sincerity and performance in the capacity building courses, Discipline in financial and account related matters etc.

Salary/Honorarium Range:

Honorarium – 12,500 Rs per month (inclusive of Local Travel Allowance + Monthly Mobile Allowance) prior to TDS deductions. TDS shall be deducted at the rate of 10% for PAN Card holders and 20% for non PAN Card holders.

Rs 750 pm shall be given, in addition to the honorarium indicated above, as internet allowance.

A laptop shall be given separately. The ASER Associates shall retain the laptop at the end of a year.

Travel, Food and Lodging Costs for work related travels outside base location shall be separately borne/ reimbursed by ASER Centre.

To apply, please contact jaipur@pratham.org

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