Jaaga Mini BarCamp - CoWorking Open House : 18 July



A fun gathering of people in the Bangalore tech scene.

Sort of a cross between BarCamp, Jelly, and


Come share your wisdom with the crowds, see people show off their projects, watch movies, have good conversations, work in a congenial environment, have your group meetups and generally enjoy yourself in the company of smart like minded folk.


11am Saturday : successful serial entrepreneur Bala Manian will give a talk

describing his trials & tribulations as an entrepreneur in “Silicon Valley” over a period of last three decades. He will articulate not just the thrill of his successes in each journey but more importantly share the agonies of his failures and the lesson learned through those failures. Through the narratives of his journeys, he hopes to covey what he learned over these experiences, the mentors who made a difference, what he understood about himself and what he is yet to figure out.

Pad.ma is having a two day workshop Saturday & Sunday. They'll give a general intro after Bala's talk around noon.


Saturday July 17 10am - 10pm

Sunday July 18 11am - 6pm


Jaaga - Opposite the Hockey Stadium Main Gate in Shantinagar

near Richmond Rd. between Food World and TV9 -

Jaaga Directions




10am - 10:30am : Snacks, hang-out, chat…

10:30am - 11am : Intro to Jaaga & Co-Working & The weekend

11am - noon : BarCamp style talks (30 minutes each) Schedule & Sign Up

6:30pm - 8pm : Lightening Presentations (7 minutes each).

8pm - 10pm : Movie (hacker friendly - TBD)


11am - 5pm : More BarCamp style talks (30 minutes) sign-up on site


in other parts of the space we'll have meetups, coworking, screenings of tech and TED talks downloaded from the Internet, and general socializing.


We'll have tea and snacks at Jaaga. But there are lots of good restaurants in short walking distance people can take advantage of.

Let us know you're coming !

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