Sejal Sheth and Latha Sankarnarayan, Founders, Green Evangelist – influencing business karma

Sunday July 04, 2010,

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“Influencing business karma”

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Sustainability is a big factor in taking business decisions for the corporate. While sustainability marketing may not seem to be a societal or green benefit oriented business idea, on a closer look we find that it can do both. Sejal Sheth is the founder of Green Evangelist a Sustainability marketing company that seeks to influence the corporate world in a way where they impact society positively or as they like to call it “Influencing business karma”.Yourstory spoke to Sejal to find out more…

How was Green Evangelist founded?

Green Evengelist

An academician, an industry practitioner, a marketing professional and a communications specialist came together to pool their collaborative expertise in order to influence the corporate world in a way where they in turn impact society positively. Green Evangelist is a Sustainability marketing company. Sustainability is the concept of doing business responsibly by focusing on People and Planet in addition to Profits. The emphasis here is being on being a good corporate citizen. This in turn translates into creating value for stakeholders rather than just shareholders. Green Evangelist: Our name has two significant aspects to it – ‘Green’ is the analogy for sustainable, everlasting life; while ‘Evangelist’ represents the passion which charges us up to influence the karma of a corporate.What kind of services do you offer?

Green Evengelist
Green Evengelist

Our solutions are customized basis the client’s progress on the Sustainability journey. Our services range from putting together a Sustainability framework, recommending a CSR strategy and assist with the implementation, training on Business ethics or Thinking Green or other Sustainability driven topics as well as Sustainability reports development.We offer pro-bono services to NGOs which we think is our way of contributing to society.

What is the difference factor in your business model?

Whilst there are scores of Management consultancies who can offer you solutions to improve efficiencies, and thousands of Green consultants, the space is vacant for somebody who can assist you on the Sustainability path from strategy to execution. This is where Green Evangelist comes in. Consulting fee is our main revenue model.

Which are the different industries/clients which you have provided services to?

We have had clients such as Sterlite Industries – Vedanta Group, Dr. Reddy’s, Sesa Goa, Tata Tin Plate. We’re also very keen to work with industry bodies to get companies started on Sustainability. In the pipeline is a project with Nasscom Foundation to get IT companies to focus on CSR.

Do you have any plans for growing your business?

We’re in discussion with venture capitalists. Once funding comes in, we will have a product which will be a first in the Sustainability space. With that a lot many more companies will join the cause of Sustainability which in turn will increase our market.

Why did you choose to be a Green entrepreneur?

We wanted to put our professional expertise to use in the society context without going the NGO route. And with Green Evangelist we’re doing just that.

What has been the biggest challenge for Green Evangelist?

The biggest challenge was to convince clients about the concept of Sustainability. But slowly and steadily more companies are opting for this. We’re trying to raise interest in the subject through conducting specific workshops.

What do you think an Indian entrepreneur should keep in mind when starting out?

Team building as regular jobs are always more lucrative, safe and acceptable. Also initial financing is almost always self financing which is limited.

As long as you have the passion, things will work out. But focus on where the financing will come from.

We wish Sejal, Latha and Green Evangelist success with “Influencing business karma” and hope to see them extend their work to others areas of Green Thinking.

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