TechSparks 2010 to usher in a new way to evaluate and promote startups


In yet another first, YourStory has partnered with Guidewire Group to provide global ranking and visibility to the startups taking part in TechSparks 2010TechSparks is the YourStory initiative, supported by Microsoft BizSpark, to identify and showcase the 20 leading product startups in India.

Guidewire Group ( is the leading market intelligence and advisory firm focused exclusively on early-stage companies and emerging technology markets. The company’s G/Score® is a proven tool for assessing startups’ execution, commercial viability and sustainability that provides startups with actionable, unbiased feedback about their strengths and opportunities, while providing potential investors, partners, and customers an efficient way compare startups even across market segments, stages, and geographies.

YourStory will be the first to introduce Guidewire Group’s G/Score for ranking startups in India as part of the TechSparks program:

An esteemed panel of judges will be certified by Guidewire Group to provide each startup selected to present at TechSparks 2010 with a G/Score, a ranking recognized by leading technology vendors and investors around the world.

All startups selected by YourStory to present at TechSparks will automatically be considered semi-finalists for the Innovate!2010 Program (, a global competition to identify top technology, media and communications startups from around the world. TechSparks 2010 finalists will receive the same global exposure and access to over $1,000,000 in awards as other Innovate!2010 semi-finalists.

· One winning TechSparks startup will win a place on the Innovate!100 list of the World’s Most Promising Startups and an invitation to participate in Guidewire Group’s Connections Program.

About TechSparks 2010

TechSparks 2010: Recognizing the Emerging Product Tech Ventures of India, August 13th 2010, India

With the market throwing innumerable opportunities for product technology, Indian product companies are now betting big with the intention of gaining global recognition. In these exciting times, YourStory, with the able support of Microsoft Bizsparks, is embarking on TechSparks 2010, the pan-India the hunt for most promising tech startups in India. The winners will be provided national recognition, genuine support and meaningful networking opportunities for accelerating their growth. TechSparks 2010 identifies the next line of leadership in product tech and companies that hold promise. YourStory gives these eagles a further push by providing an enabling ecosystem for their unhindered growth.

With over 200 ventures already registered, TechSparks 2010 is gearing up to be the product tech event of the year in India. With honors at stake and the stage to take, the impressive line of product tech companies that have enrolled for the event is already creating a buzz. The grand finale is going to be the culmination of an exciting journey for YourStory and Microsoft Bizspark.

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