Ajay Vadhvani, Founder, Ajay Vadhvani Solutions


“A New Approach to services”

Any entrepreneur can say that their so and so project was tough to pull off and pat themselves on the back. However sometimes the project is without doubt an incredible challenge and you have to stand and applaud for example; when your target audience is a jail full of convicts.

Ajay Vadhvani is the Founder entrepreneur behind Ajay Vadhvani Solutions and the man responsible for the successful launch of the Amzadd Habibb Academy in Tihar Jail, Jail No 6. This young entrepreneur has many a notch on his belt but this one undoubtedly stands out. We learnt more on Ajay from his company’s LinkedIn and Facebook Account descriptor…

“In 2006, Ajay Vadhvani founded ajayvadhvani.com, which has today blossomed into Ajay Vadhvani Solutions — an integrated marketing agency. From handling just one client without any support staff, today the company boasts of a core team of more than 50 members across India.”

With the financial backing of his elder sister Renu Vadhvani, in 2006, Ajay founded a New Delhi-based web agency called ajayvadhvani.com.”

“When the company’s first client, Jawed Habib, saw Ajay’s talent and skills, he went ahead and gave him the control of the IT Department, which deals in a avariety of spheres — from hardware training to deploying any software in the organisation. Jawed Habib recognised Ajay’s true potential, giving him the marketing of the North India region. Seeing his ability, Habibs, as a brand, started taking Ajay’s services in handling its marketing and sales.”

That was but the beginning for Ajay and he has since then worked with Atif Aslam (Different Strokes by Atif Aslam) and Swati Modo (Fashion with Dates 2010).From working with the likes of Amzadd Habibb, Sanjana Jon and more, ajayvadhvani.com has grows into Ajay Vadhvani Solutions.

Yourstory learnt more from Ajay on his work and dreams in the tete a tete that follows…

What is the potential for growth that your services possess?

The services that my company provides, has a vast scope.  My services if you see over all, would be referred to as Marketing Services, which is required for any Industry, be it Fashion, IT, Consumers-based, etc.

I think all can benefit from my services, as the scope is really vast.

Why did you give up a regular 9-to-5 job for the role of an entrepreneur?

I was in a job for 4 years, it was not 9-5, however it was a call centre job. I have worked with EXL and Wipro in Delhi. However, when I saw myself, that I had the potential of becoming an entrepreneur, I took that challenge and am enjoying the work every moment!What role did seed capital play in your initial set up?

Since we are a service based company, I never wanted too much of seed capital However, it had required approximately 1 Lakh, which I had managed with my family. My sister helped me a lot, in making my company grow.

What has been spurring the growth of your venture?

Anyone, who is in Service based business, the growth will lie on the Quality and Time, the services are delivered. As a company, I don’t take projects on Quantitative approach, however we work on a model which is purely result-oriented, with Quality and Time, as prime factors.

Right now, I have only Three Branchs, based in New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore  with 18 team members & very soon, planning to have a base Pan India.

What do you consider as your biggest achievement?

Biggest achievement of my organization is that I have stable clients. And these can clients can get you more clients, if they are satisfied with your work.

Did you ever go through hard time where you felt you needed a regular job?

Yes, during recession most of the businesses were affected and we were no exception, but now things are great, working on 2 big projects

-          Talent Hunt for Swati Modo

-          AIDS Awareness for Amzadd Habib

Yourstory wishes Ajay Vadhvani greater heights and more clients in his evolution as an entrepreneur to be reckoned with…


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