Branding Tips for Entrepreneurs : Whats Your Story?


Everyone loves stories. Stories are a great way to connect with people. You should establish connections with your stakeholders with the story of your brand. The best brands have the best stories to tell. If I ask you name your favorite brand you will name xyz, lets say for example Apple. Now if i ask you why Apple? more often then not you will tell me the compelling story behind Apple, then the features, then the differentiators and then the style quotient.Infact I remember asking one senior professional (and one of my ex boss) "Sir, why Honda CRV?" His answer was,"it suits me completely." If you dig deeper then you will know that Honda CRV has a strong brand personality, a compelling story that gets resonated with its users.

Today all of us are living in a time constrained world. As a Startup Entrepreneur, you have to deal with unlimited challenges while selling your Startup Story.So how do you get the mindshare of your various prospects? How do you pitch? Maybe your pitch sounds good to you and your close friends too, but do you have a story, which every one whom you target gets hooked on to? As an entrepreneur your personality, beliefs and vision will shape your story.

Please take out some time to work on your story. Trust me it will help you through all odd introductions, VC questionings, prospective client meetings, corporate pitch presentations and ofcourse the fancy elevator pitches. You will stand out and win an audience for your self. Not necessarily your story will get you direct conversion all the time but atleast it will shape your entrepreneurial journey and give you a head start.

While you are at it, if you do have some story in mind, then please don't forget to share it with us :)


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