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0 is a social media platform for green tech, matching supply with demand by connecting the dots between the various stakeholders and technologies, academia, investment, government, startups, service providers and Fortune 1,000 companies.The OnGreen website was designed to make the Entrepreneur's life easier. And to bring him/her closer to Investors, Financiers and Service providers. We believe that this will help the Entrepreneur spend more time in building his green business rather than spending a large amount of time in trying to build the contacts to reach out to these groups of folks who he/she needs. Building a green business is complicated as such. We are here to make things simpler. The Clean Green Guy is like a party host inviting you to join the online platform and meet others.

Some of the challenges that an Entrepreneur faces when giving birth to a new business are:

-- Building the right team

-- A Feasibility Analysis

-- Raising capital to launch the business

-- Doing a proof of concept

-- Intellectual property protection

-- Raising more capital

-- Engaging with service providers for support services

-- Raising even more capital

-- Signing the first customer

-- Delegate work to team and service providers

-- Expand the business

-- And right...Raise more capital

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