Startup Lounge Alpbach, Austria : Panel Discussion - Unleash the entrepreneurial spirit – What’s missing in Europe?


STARTup Lounge Alpach is a side event that is organized next to the European Forum Alpbach. The Lounge is spread over two days and consists of four main events.During the first day, you’ll have the opportunity to attend STARTup Hours – pitch your idea, form a team, work intensely for a few hours and present your results. This is a feedback and networking opp without equal. In the evening STARTeurope hosts a Startup Panel Discussion with 5 amazing shakers and movers on the European startup scene. The topic: “Unleash the entrepreneurial spirit – What’s missing in Europe?”.

Day two will offer an open working space for founders and people with ideas. A Pitch Training will be held – to help you refine your arguments for the afternoons STARTup Meet and Greet – where thought-leaders, trendsetters and supporters in the community will gather. Attendees of the MG will be experts regarding the early days of a venture with specializations in business, science and politics. If your startup ever needed a connection – this is the chance.

It all takes place at the local fire station, located in the middle of the beautiful town of Alpbach, Tyrolia, Austria.

Each evening there will be a laid back BBQ (weather permitting) and reception at a nearby location.

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Use this unique environment and the inspiring people in Alpbach to let your ideas prosper and gain contacts, input and mentors for your business!

Two days, starting on August 27th 2010Day 1

Location: Local Firestation, 168 Alpbach, Tyrolia [map]

STARTup Hours: 16:00 – 19:00

Panel discussion: 19:30 – 20:30, topic: “Unleash the entrepreneurial spirit – what’s missing in Europe?”

Day 2

Location: Local Firestation, 168 Alpbach, Tyrolia [map]

Open Workspace: 11:00 – 18:00

Pitch Training: 12:00 – 14:00

STARTup Meet and Greet: 13:00 – open end


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