Venurao Dindi, Founder, JGFX Animation World


“Animating his Entrepreneurial Dreams”

Animation is a delight not just to children but to adults as well. With a billion dollar industry spanning the world over, be it Hand drawn or the latest 3-D Animation the potential for success is immeasurable.

However Indian Animation at best seems to evoke images of retro grainy hand-drawn cartoons. Despite the best efforts of our animators at shrugging off the baggage and drawing the future, it all seems to be a mammoth task. Venurao Dindi believes that steady expansion and hard work will make this large task become a thing of the past. With his venture JGFX ANIMATION WORLD he is not just a young entrepreneur making animation films but is also laying the ground work for future talent.

Aiming at creating their own IP Content using 3D Animation for Web, TV & Films utilizing Open Source Technologies Venurao explains the road ahead…

What is your niche in the world of Animation?

JGFX ANIMATION WORLD. based at Nagpur, Central India is into production of Animation Content for Interactive, Broadcast and Film Industry using Open Source Blender 3D Technologies. We started with providing training programs of Blender 3D - Art of Animation Filmaking, in year 2003. Today we are using Open source Animation Technology for Designing, Modelling and other allied animation services in the areas of – Movies, Serials, Corporate Advertisements, Architectural Visualization, Medical Animations, Motion Graphics for Sports Events, Gaming, Etc.

Tell us more about your Training Programs? Does it make a novice industry ready?

We have conducted training and awareness programs from five days workshops to one year Diploma in Art of Animation Filmaking since 2003, Our focus was on providing CONCEPTUAL SKILLS rather than the software based operator courses. Till date more than 650 people have benefited from our then training programs. Many of them are still employed in various Studios and others are using the conceptual skills in their successful professions. Apart from training we are now more into own IP production and providing services to our clients. We have a testimony of our happy clients ranging from NGOs, Manufactures, Consultants, Architects, Film Producers, Broadcast Channels, Production Studios, Publishing House, Educational Institutions, etc.How have you raised your seed capital? Angel Investors or self financed?

At JGFX our business model is not depended on any external seed money for capital investment, It took five years to save each penny from our training programs and other services at my (SOHO) to Integrate our own High-end Open Source Animation Render farm today, to get up and run on this long track.

What does your business model focus on, profits or sustainability?

Our business model is based on sustaining our growth using the available resources by brick to brick building approach for each projects. We believe in steady business models rather than smart business practices.

What denotes growth in the animation industry according to you?

We all know Animation production Studio business at an incubation stage in India as compared to other established business, sales and service verticals. So, the growth trajectory can be quantified with not the no of branches or employees, it’s to what extent our production quality will be regarded in context to the leading International Production houses on the run.

Self dependent and self sustained without any liability is an important factor of growth for our organization.What is a prime factor in getting more clientele and projects?

“Quality would drive sales” – our primary plan is to live up to the quality standards of the clients, since the work would involve business building through customized models, any breach would mean a lost client.

What holds an Indian entrepreneur back from achieving their true potential?

Indian entrepreneurs are victims of “illogic’s” in our society, Still there is a great extent of scope if you have the positive Intensity for sincere actions in your chosen field.

What is your entrepreneurial philosophy? Has your thinking been challenged?

Whatever our mind can conceive and believe, we can achieve. This can’t be there in 9-to-5 job.

Life is simple. You make choices and you don’t look back. Being a first generation entrepreneur itself is the biggest challenge. Patience, endurance and persistence are the best things… I believe in overcoming any such challenges.

Quitters never win and winners never quit, what helps in “not quitting”?

Sometimes when falling down seventh time and trying to standup again for the eight time such things do cross my mind, but only to tease and feed the fire in my belly and to twinkle the stars in my eyes.

Inspiration motivates me to stay buckled as I firmly believe………he who dares wins

What is your work ethos? What should others learn form it?

Be Simple, be realistic and be an excellent finisher of each project in hand.

Looking at grass - learn persistence, looking at trees - learn patience.

Venurao Dindi is acting with beliefs and impeccable entrepreneurial instincts; we hope that the summit of animation success shall not be far off.


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