aTEEtude of Giving launches the second edition of its campaign

The aTEEtude of Giving, an initiative that celebrates the Joy of Giving, is proud to launch the second edition of its campaign this year starting today, 15 September - 1 October ’10 on . The campaign urges donors to give something new instead of discarding old objects under the guise of philanthropy. As part of this campaign, donors, i.e. netizens, are presented with an offer to “Buy1- Get 2- Keep 1- Donate1: at regular prices” which will result into donation of a designer t-shirt or a brownie box to underprivileged students, for every purchase.

“The youth of today do wish to contribute to the society but don't know how.

aTEEtude of Giving is an excellent opportunity for them or for that matter anyone , to 'give back',” says Noted actress and former Miss India Universe,

Gul Panag.

aTEEtude of Giving collaborates with e-tailers (online retailers), individual volunteers (BaseCamp Chiefs) and other supporting organizations to help the partner NGO. Students studying at the night schools run by NGO Masoom will benefit from the campaign this year. and have signed up as retail partners for this season. Inkfruit will donate a new t-shirt, from its collection, for every t-shirt bought; and MithaiMate will donate a box of brownies for any purchase from their site during the campaign.

aTEEtude of Giving was conceived as a part of the *Joy of Giving week* in Sep 2009 and the pilot saw around 100 t-shirts being donated to the students of a night school run by Masoom. The campaign is named so, because it started with donating t-shirts; however, it aims to add more relevant products and e-tailers to scale the impact of giving.

The campaign is doubly social - being a purely online campaign, it is majorly driven via social media while helping a social cause. Given the fact that the participating e-tailers ship internationally, we hope to overcome geographic boundaries, reach out to an international audience and hopefully increase the scale of impact.The idea behind this campaign is to transform philanthropy into a cool, meaningful activity while helping the needy. There is nothing wrong in giving away an old object that might be of utility to someone else, it’s better than throwing it in the bin. However, this must not be confused with charity.

“Last year when we distributed the t-shirts that came through the aTEEtude of Giving campaign, the students were full of joy. This was very overwhelming. We wish to give the same experience to our students once again; waiting to see their eyes brighten up when they see the brand new gifts,” says Nikita Ketkar, founder Masoom.


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