India’s first food and nightlife publication, Food and Nightlife Magazine is set to pool resources with Jade Magnet, India’s largest creative crowd sourcing engine. The association has been made to provide creative solutions to the hospitality sector through a collaborative platform.

Food and Nightlife magazine captures the pulse, attitude, styles and trends in a manner which appeals to the urban readers. The editorial coverage comprehensively guides readers through the fascinating range of fine dining restaurants, events, nightclubs, rest-o-bars, personalities, page 3, fashion, art, travel destinations and much more.

Food and Nightlife Magazine will use the crowd sourcing engine created by Jade Magnet to offer its audiences a platform which they can access for any kind of creative solutions. At the same time, Jade Magnet will get access to the F & B sector via the extensive reach the magazine has in Delhi & Mumbai.

Sumit Goyal, Editor in Chief, Food and Nightlife Magazine believes that this service will be a value-addition to the magazine readers who are looking for advertising, design, marketing or web solutions together.

“The hospitality sector - in the SME segment is still unorganized when it comes to aligning marketing plans with growth visions and assigning budgets for getting them executed. Such a platform will help these hotels and restaurants streamline the marketing process flow from planning to getting the complete design solutions delivered without going out to multiple stakeholders.” says Shruti Sharma, CEO Food and Nightlife.

Jade Magnet is the only platform which provides delivery assurance services for the solutions built on platform by its providers, in addition to the innovative crowdsourcing concept which has helped over 150 clients extract quality marketing and advertising solutions since Jan 2010. “We are extremely pleased to join hands with Food and Nightlife as it brings tremendous knowledge about the sector” says Sitashwa Srivastava, CEO Jade Magnet.

Manik Kinra, CMO Jade Magnet, who manages client acquisitions and alliances, says “This is the right step to ensure that we scale quickly and are able to provide these solutions to a wider

audience across the globe. We are looking at building similar alliances in near future which will increase our reach and give us an opportunity to serve more and more clients.”


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