On-Demand Computing: Soaring with the Cloud - an exclusive opportunity for leaders of growing enterprises to get smart about Cloud Computing


Cloud computing, or software services delivered on demand, is one of the most striking innovations in technology so far this century. What growing company wouldn't want to forgo up-front capital costs and get right to market? The greater flexibility of Internet-based delivery of services has created whole new business models for startups.But as with any new technology, you probably have questions about how it works in the real world --about interoperability, security and vendor stability. Maybe in the past companies had the luxury of acceptable downtimes or work-arounds. But today's high-growth enterprise, with technology at its core, requires total availability and continuing innovation.

So how does software-as-a-service hold up? How do you select the right version for your business and integrate it with your existing systems? Can cloud and SaaS help me gain and keep a competitive advantage? What's the ROI? Is cloud a sustainable business initiative – or not? These issues concern not only IT professionals, but senior management, investors and other important stakeholders.

To address these issues, and to provide business leaders with an opportunity to directly interact with top thought leaders, MyVenturePad, with the collaboration of SAP, is proud to present "On-Demand Computing: Soaring with the Cloud," a four-and-half hour global summit on cloud computing and software-as-a-service technology, specifically tailored to the concerns of high-growth enterprises.

On September 28, members registered for this virtual event will be able to view interviews and panels with some of the smartest experts on cloud, as well as a host of top managers of hot companies that are in the trenches with on-demand technologies. Following these discussions, the participants will respond to registrants' questions in a Q&A session. Further, as members of MyVenturePad, you will be able to connect on the site with these leaders for ongoing networking.

These are just a few of the topics to be discussed:

  1. Understanding SaaS: What works best for you?
  2. On-demand and its evolution: terms and techniques of deployment
  3. What to consider when going on-demand: choosing a vendor
  4. Unlocking collaboration and enhancing productivity
  5. Costs and other real-world concerns
  6. On-demand success stories at different stages

Whether you can attend all or only part of the summit, or if you wish to later view the archive, register today for this significant event – a rare opportunity to learn from both tech experts and business leaders who have already committed to this technology breakthrough.

To find out more about this virtual event and register click here


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