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“50% of Sachas  is 100% for you”

Australia is often called “the land down under” where the seasons occur differently from the rest of the world owing got its geographical location. Their entrepreneurs too seem to be built just a tad differently. “Sachas” is a venture founded by Sacha and besides the very catchy name it also has to its credit a very unique business model. Sachas diverts 50% of all profits from sales, to the Sachas Foundation “where 100% of the money will go to provide people with the resources and opportunities to find their passions and follow their dreams”. If this is not different from the rest of the world then I do not know what is...

Yourstory found many answers to the questions that arose on learning of “Sachas” and its unique business idea from its creator himself.

What does your company Sachas do?

Sachas is an International Brand Name that I founded in 2008, with the goal of creating positive change in the world through business. I realised that the best way of doing this is by using a 50/50 Business Model, that I called Sachas 50/50. This means that 50% of all profits made from every Sachas sale, will go to Sachas Foundation where 100% of the money will go to provide people with the resources and opportunities to find their passions and follow their dreams. In 2010, I officially launched the Sachas Brand Name, as well as Sachas Foundation, Sachas Designs, Sachas Books and Sachas Publishing, the official Publisher of Teens Big Dreams.

What services do you offer? What is the potential of these services?

In 2010, the Publishing division of Sachas, Sachas Publishing, launched Teens Big Dreams – a motivational and life skills book that I wrote to help other people find their passions, and provide the life skills that they may need to follow their dreams. In the month since its release on the 10th August 2010, over 500 copies of Teens Big Dreams have been delivered to 8 countries around the world, and has already been read by 10 year olds, teenagers, students, parents and grandparents. Teens Big Dreams has become loved by all who have seen it and read it.

What makes the Sachas business model unique in the entrepreneurial world?

When starting Sachas, I wanted to create a Business Model that acknowledges the people, community and environment that made the world the amazing place that it is. I created a new Business Model, called Sachas 50/50, where 50% of all profits from sales, are placed into Sachas Foundation. Already 50% of all profits made from Teens Big Dreams sales have been placed into Sachas Foundation, allowing it to become a sponsor to another Foundation.How do you plan to scale up Sachas?

There are many ways that I plan to scale Sachas, with the main objective to continue building the Sachas Brand, and the Sachas 50/50 Business Model on which the company is based. By doing this, we hope to show others around the world that it is actually possible to run a business and give back to the people, community and environment.

Did you turn to entrepreneurship after exploring a career or do you believe it was fated?

In many ways, I think that some entrepreneurs are made, and some are born. I believe that I was born with an entrepreneurial drive which gives me the desire to create and make ideas come to life. It is this creation process that I have fallen in love with, knowing that I have the ability to create any idea, apply my passion into making the idea a tangible creation and make a positive difference to others. While the creation process comes with a lot of hard work, those who are part of it are blessed by the freedom to act on their imagination. It is this freedom, as well as the whole creation process, that makes me an entrepreneur today, tomorrow and forever.

What has been the biggest challenge in your entrepreneurial work?

I cannot pinpoint the biggest challenge to one single moment. However, I can say that one of the greatest challenges that I faced with creating Sachas, and especially with writing, designing and publishing Teens Big Dreams, has been with the ability to put all the parts of the jigsaw puzzle together. One of the greatest life lessons that I have learnt is to be able to recognise when the time is right for the different parts of my journey, and allow this flow of life to naturally help me put all the pieces of the puzzle together.

What is the hardest lesson you got as an amateur entrepreneur?

A number of years ago, before I started Sachas, I wanted to resell electronic gaming goods that I would buy from a wholesaler overseas. Knowing only the name and email of the wholesaler, I sent a Telegraphic Transfer of money and sure enough, the first shipment of goods arrived in Australia just fine. With the wholesaler having built my trust, I sent a larger amount of money for a second shipment. However, I never received any more goods, or a refund – I was scammed. The moral of the story is to be very careful when dealing with business transactions, especially with those overseas. Before paying for goods, we must know as many (if not all) the details of the seller, and of course, make sure that those goods exist in the first place.Where did you find the seed capital to start up?

I have been working since the age of 15, and since then, I have always saved my money. It was this money that allowed me to create Sachas, and spend on all the resources needed in writing, designing and publishing Teens Big Dreams.

What has been the growth trajectory of your company? How many employees and branches do you have now? What has been the greatest achievement in the growth of your organisation?

Sachas was publicly launched in August 2010, and has its Headquarters in Sydney, Australia. We already have three employees, and have had incredible success with our first book, Teens Big Dreams. There are over 500 copies of Teens Big Dreams in 8 countries, being read by kids as young as 10, to teenagers, parents, adults and grandparents, and unanimously loved by all who have read it. To me, hearing that people are inspired by Teens Big Dreams is the biggest achievement. The official portal to Sachas,, has also had tremendous success. In the first two and a half months since the June 2010 Launch, has achieved over 10,000 Page Views from all around the world.

Have you, or your organisation found the recognition you deserve?

Absolutely. I have been profiled by Australian Newspapers, and was interviewed by Tim Bailey about Teens Big Dreams, live on Channel 10 News ( I have spoken on radio, presented at a public forum on Generation Y, and run numerous workshops for young people including one at an Asia Pacific Conference at the beginning of 2010.Do you have any entrepreneurial experiences that your peers should pay heed to?

I think that entrepreneurs learn most from the experiences they make and opportunities they take. In saying this, the two biggest life lessons I’d like to share would come back to helping others and building relationships. By helping others through a genuine and sincere concern for their wellbeing, and building relationships with people for the love of giving back to the world, we will find that by giving to the world, the world will use all its power to give back to us.

Yourstory wishes Sacha and “Sachas” good fortune and hopes that God willing his work will grow from strength to strength. We thank him for a glimpse of how things are done down under and hope to hear more from him..


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