ThoughtBerg launches Campus Ambassador Program to foster social innovation and entrepreneurship among students

17th Sep 2010
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India produces large number of science and engineering graduates when compared to other countries. But, they lack quality and this is hindering India’s growth. Goldman Sachs counts the lack of quality education as one of the 10 factors holding India back from rapid economic growth. The aim of ThoughtBerg is to bridge the knowledge and quality gap by providing a cohesive platform for students to interact and learn from alums, researchers, industry experts and other students. Through this initiative ThoughtBerg wants to instill the sense of innovation, research and entrepreneurship in every Indian student.

YourStory spoke to Chandan Raj from ThoughtBerg who spoke to us about the campus ambassador initiative they are launching.Chandan is Bengaluru based software professional cum social entrepreneur. A StartingBloc Social Innovation Fellow. He currently works as a Senior Software Engineer at Sterling Commerce, India. He is one of the Co-founders of Aashayein Foundation, an NGO empowering underprivileged children through education. He also acts as the Marketing Chair for Net Impact Bangalore Professional Chapter. Computer Science engineer from BMS Institute of Technology.What is the idea behind the Campus Ambassador initiative?

When we compare the overall development of students throughout their campus life in universities abroad and in India, we see that the Indian students lack opportunities to take initiatives, lead from front and experience different aspects of life other than their academics. There are hardly any student run organizations within the campuses in India, when we compare to handful of them in universities abroad, with few exceptions in IITs, NITs and BITs.

After interacting with few students, we realised that the cause was lack of awareness and knowledge amongst the students about these programs & opportunities and also lack of guidance and support from alum and faculty.

So, Campus Ambassadors program is intended towards bridging this gap -

To bring awareness amongst college students on different opportunities available to them to take initiative and become a changemaker within their campus

To inspire and motivate them towards social innovation, entrepreneurship and employership

To provide them guidance and support in converting their thoughts and ideas into successful implementation.

To provide them access to mentors and resources required to implement their ideas.

To empower every Campus Ambassador to act as a catalyst and become a role model to fellow students

Who is eligible to be a Campus Ambassador?

If you are a student (grad/undergrad)

If you are motivated, self-driven, innovative, inspirational, rational and entrepreneurial

If you have an idea to start an initiative, for a social-cause or business and thinking what to do next

If have started or thinking of starting an initiative within campus

If you think you have it in you to become a changemaker or an entrepreneur

If your answer is 'YES!' to most of the questions above, then go ahead and apply to become a Campus Ambassador.

Tell us more about the program and process

Phase 1 - Selection

Bring awareness about the CA program in educational institutions, student communities and attract the best students as applicants. Select outstanding students by application process followed by personal interview who are self-driven and motivated to lead and take initiatives. Each selected participants has to ideate on how they can convert their campus into an Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship hub.

Phase 2 - Boot-camp

Participants will then go through a one day boot-camp where they will learn about Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship from real-life innovators & entrepreneurs. Learn how to connect people, ideas and resources, build an implementation plan on what activities and initiatives can be started in their respective colleges from their initial ideation and boot-camp experience to convert their campuses into Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship hubs.

Phase 3 - Implementation

Equipped with the skills and knowledge to catalyse, lead and evanglise from boot-camp, our Campus Ambassadors will work on their implementation plan and start new initiatives within their campuses to convert them into Innovation and Entrepreneurship hubs. Act as a nodal points to disseminate news and activities related to social innovation and entrepreneurship space.

As a follow up to boot-camp, we are in talks with a VC to setup incubation cells in few institutions which will further help our cause and act as next step towards Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Who are your partners?

Net Impact, StartingBloc, RangDe, GrowVC, Springboard Ventures, Refresh network, YourStory

We are still in talks with Ashoka Youth Venture India, TataNEN, The Young Foundation, Social Innovation Exchange (SIX) and LetMeKnow on how we can collaborate and work together.

To know more about the Campus Ambassador Program click here or contact :


Mobile: +91 99861 98806

Visit ThoughtBerg website by clicking here

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