Enlist Media - Connect with the world of rich content


Enlist Media – Connect with the world of rich content

In continuation of our last cover story about Ritesh Sarvaiya and his dynamic venture Rikhav Infotech (read the story here), we would like to bring you Ritesh’s another path-breaking venture – Enlist Media, which he had initiated in 2008. It’s an idea which caters to the entire world’s internet domain and is sure to become an inspiring business model for many a start-ups around the globe.

Enlist Media (www.enlistmedia.com) is a network of professional blogs encompassing diverse topics like finance, travel, automotive, technology, health, and the environment. It provides the perfect platform to explore, contribute, share, and connect, by bringing bloggers, readers, prospective customers, and media together. One can browse through some of their premium properties on http://www.enlistmedia.com/featured_prop.php

Ritesh shares with us the thought that inspired him to initiate Enlist Media, “All across the world, unlike India, people rely mostly on the internet for any kind of information. And since it’s a highly uncontrolled medium, there is always a need of a reliable source that gives you 100% genuine and updated information. This is when I started seeding the thought of forming Enlist Media – a network that not only gives reliable information covering various niches, but also brings like-minded people across the world on a single platform. One of our seed investors - Vipul Shah immediately concurred with my vision and offered to support us in a God-like way”

Today, Enlist Media connects over 1 million people across the world through over 100 blogs that are consistently updated with the latest information on the respective niches. “It’s not easy as it looks”, adds Ritesh, “Patience is a virtue in this concept. To make these blogs a powerhouse of information, it takes a lot of time and efforts before it starts bearing the fruits of labour.” No wonder, Enlist Media has an enviable team of over 15 highly-specialized content writers and over 30 freelance writers (http://www.enlistmedia.com/hiring.php) from across the world, which together produces over 20,00,000 unique words every month – a one-of-its-kind achievement in itself.

With a global traffic of over 1 million people, Enlist Media has automatically become the hotspot for advertisers, who wish to connect with these like-minded people. “There is a huge demand for display advertising on our sites”, emphasizes Ritesh. “With blogs encompassing niches like travel, health, finance, automotive and technology, our advertisers get highly-targeted audience ensuring maximum return on their investment.”

Furthermore, because of the credibility that Enlist Media has built over the last 2 years, companies want to create a buzz around their brand and get their product reviewed on their properties by experts. This automatically puts the spotlight on companies’ products and generates tons of targeted traffic for them. Not to mention, it also is a great platform for SEO specialists who wish to gain maximum exposure for their clients and improve their natural Search Engine Rankings by using Enlist Media’s powerful link-building platform.

Like any successful entities, Enlist Media too attributes its success to its people – ‘the Enlist Family’ as Ritesh would like to put it. Our team is like a group of Govindas during Janmashtami, which works selflessly together to achieve a single target – the dahi handi. At Enlist Media, every individual has a specific role and is as important as any other person in the pyramid. I clearly believe, to reach the heights that we aim to, we’ve to continuously work and grow as a team and luckily for us, we’ve got one of the best talents available in the country. We hope to continuously attract passionate and hungry-to-prove-themselves individuals by giving them a perfect platform to learn, evolve and grow at both, personal and professional levels.

Ritesh Sarvaiya would personally like to thank Bhavik Sarvaiya, Mehul Brahmbhatt, Tejal Sarvaiya, Bimal Bhatt and Avinash Singh for their unfaltering support, which has helped Enlist Media to reach at this level. (http://www.enlistmedia.com/our_team.php) Ritesh envisions, “If everything goes as we’ve planned, we aim to become India’s biggest online media network”.

Amen to that we say!