Pune based mobile startup, Maverick Mobile scripting the India telecom story


Pune based Maverick Mobile is aggressively developing proprietarymobile applications and VAS products for the global and Indian market.Some of the known products from Maverick are Maverick Secure Mobile(MSM), which helps you protect your data, track your stolen device,retrieve your phonebook & disable the stolen device remotely. Theapplication works in hidden mode and cannot be viewed in the device.Some other products from Maverick stable are -MSM-PROMSM Pro is advanced version of Maverick Secure Mobile. 

It enablesusers to retrieve GPS location of the stolen/lost phone, with this GPSlocation user can view real time location of the phone on Google Map.MSM Pro comes with Web interface using which user can controllost/stolen phone from remote computer. User can send various commandsusing Web interface to the phone.MAVERICK SECURE FAMILYMaverick Secure Family is a security application for Symbian S60devices.

Unfortunately if user gets kidnapped, then in that case hecan use this application to communicate secretly with his relatives orfriends and try to get emergency help.DATA BACKUPData Backup is a unique mobile application through which user canactually store/ retrieve all his data like Phonebook, images, andvideos on remote server. So now all your data is very much secured andyou can retrieve it without any hassle.Maverick Mobile is selling its product in over 16 countries. Serialentrepreneur Sujit Jain, the man behind Maverick has big plans for hisventure. He is planning to enter entertainment,gaming and socialnetworking space very soon. With a strong team of over 25 developersMaverick is leaving no stone unturned to capture the mobile wave.Clocking in a healthy turnover in a short span of 2 years, we atYourStory believe Maverick is one entrepreneurial venture to watch outfor.