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[TC-I Call to Action] Join the startup team at Shifting Atoms, a web media organization

Shital Shah
26th Oct 2010
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Shifting Atoms is a mission and a dream that wishes to engage with humanity at large for positive influence and collective progress.

We are incubating an organic web media organization with focus on social innovations, social entrepreneurs for transformative ideas and technologies that enable positive world progress.

News & Publication

Our model envisions developing news and research with in depth stories and Interviews.We are creating virtual “awareness cell” that will bring together innovative ideas and information for global collaboration in the area of social impact. Our vision is to leverage the powerful and democratic medium of internet and internet television.

Our contribution will include real stories, real ideas, real education, that inspires you to act and make a difference.

Our audience includes all of you willing citizens who are dedicated to creating harmonious, peaceful and consciously aware society for positive transformation.

Education | Water | Women Environment | Health | Shelter | Activism | Human Rights | Agriculture | Community | Energy

{ Join Us in defining purpose }

Are you looking to contribute to this society as a Journalist / Writer / Researcher(s) in the area of Social Innovation for Human Rights ?

If you are a writer, publication editor, blogger, journalist, social innovator or an aspiring citizen who wants to create change, create awareness and participate in actionable ideas that help embrace a social transformation of our current society, we would like to introduce ourselves to you.

We are looking for contributors with experience in communication, television, print or web who have passion and drive to bring stories of harmony, values of change and ideas that create a social shift. We are looking for social journalists with an entrepreneurial intensity. Your academic indulgence should include a degree in social science, political science, social innovation, communication or journalism.

Your inner side should have:

Understanding and passion for social innovation in India, knowledge and awareness of social innovation sector and its global impact

Awareness of world wide influences in social innovations targeted for South East Asia, with an in-depth focus on India and African regions

Adaptable and enthusiastic web reporter/journalist with an eye for detail, strong sense of passion and in-depth knowledge of his/her subject/social issue and sector

Ability to do intensive research, inspiring copy writing/editing and enthusiasm for learning with urge to move minds and hearts with words

Comfortable networking and talking to entrepreneurs/innovators, educators, scientists, and organizations on global scale

Must have excellent written and verbal English skills with extremely high caliber vocabulary

Must be able to work by themselves or as part of a team with little direction. Must be able to develop clear storytelling strategy and execute it

Online evangelist, with the ability to source research and stories via web, networking, news articles, TV reports, books and acedemic/organizational research, international organizations such as UN, OXFAM, and social venture funds. An eye for innovation and willingness to experiment without fear of failure, crucial.

Understanding of new media, Internet and social platforms a must.

Responsibilities include:

– interviewing people in a range of different circumstances;

– building contacts to maintain a flow of stories, e.g. NGOs, philanthropic funds, social activists, entrepreneurs, community groups, trusts, global agencies, press from a variety of organizations, the general public, etc.

– seeking out, understand, and capturing the inspiring stories via contacts, press releases and other media

– research reports and analysis of social innovation sector

– producing interviews, forums and virtual events of social impact

– producing concise and accurate copy according to the house style/format, and develop to strict brand guidelines

– writing and researching short and long feature articles, conversations and idea exchanges

– managing all content libraries/ electronic assets for the website

– developing and producing short and long form video interviews

– developing interesting video articles and short subjects to provide educational and inspirational dialogue and interaction

– identifying opportunities to syndicate content with other publications

Location: Pune, India OR virtual contributor

Salary: We are social enterprise and need contributors for whom contribution to the society outweighs the financial gains, and are willing to sacrifice monetary gains over social impact. Limited for decent standard of living salary, perks include unlimited happiness. Plus Health benefits and insurance.

Please send your experience and inspiration details at: kpatel@fusecapital.com

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