Teacherwall: Now its the time for Teachers to be graded in a fun way


Indian education system has evolved and there is one startup which is making most of it.Teacherwall is an online platform to "scribble" "talk" and share information about your teachers and mentors.Everyone, without doubt has had some form of a "teacher" in their lives, who has been a good or bad influence on him/her. There are teachers and mentors in our lives who we may have never had the chance to say Thanks as probably what they taught us then came to our realization many years later. On the other hand thereare also teachers who we think could do well with some feedback and suggestionson what was missing and what could be improved.Now, "TeacherWall" , a growing user driven community in the form of an online platform lets users express their opinion about specific teaching, learning experiences they have had in their lives. It is a way for users to sayThanks as wellas constructively criticize some of their best and average to worst teachers theyhave come across. The platform allows you to share your relevant emotional moments through use of images and videos. It lets you build a user community around your ex school mates, ex college mates and ex colleagues who may have commented on the same teachers who have taught all of you.

Further to that, thecommenting feature lets you discuss the scribbles and build interestingconversations on top of that.Key features of TeacherWall:

• Scribble about your teachers & mentors

• Build a user community of friends around teachers who may have taught allof you or in the same institution

• See which the most popular teachers in threads of conversations are

• Comment and build interesting discussions on top of scribbles

• Share some of the old and new emotional moments in context of teachinglearningexperiences you have had through use of images and video

• Real time updates on community comments

• Get notified when people in your network comment on common teachers…and lots more! So logon to teacherwall.com and start scribbling NOW!