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On receiving an invitation from Manish Singhal to attend a session of Saarthi, we, from YourStory, set out on Sunday to find out what really happens over the sessions that is believed to transform an idea into a successful venture for startups.The venue was inviting and we walked down with anticipation to find out what was in store. After a quick introduction of the gathering, the session kicked off with a powerpoint presentation giving a sneak peak of what Saarthi does. Converting an idea into a successfully working business model needs wisdom or guidance and that’s what Saarthi promises. Saarthi is a technology & management consulting company that helps new startups who seek guidance to walk through the perilous path of setting up a new venture.

The session went on with what was termed as the ‘SWOT’ Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats). The team at Saarthi had gone through the proposals beforehand and had prepared an in-depth analysis of the idea and shared a presentation about what will work and what won’t. The team then presented its observations and views on how to improve various aspects of the venture. In a professional but friendly setting, the consultants heard what the new startups had to tell and discussed it as if it was their own venture. Marketing, branding, pricing, technology,organization: all areas of concern of running a successful business venture were discussed and ideas were exchanged.Key learnings like how to leverage media to promote your brand, the right context of your brand name and its usage were discussed in detail.

The added advantage of Saarthi is its diverse professional background, which brings to the table a combination of expertise that addresses the needs of the entrepreneurs.

The folks at Saarthi illustrated a "Success Chakravyuha" which showed the different aspects that would make a venture successful. General points which might appear insignificant to the eyes of an amateur entrepreneur, but that which might give a real edge over the rest of the competition were also discussed. After a sumptuous lunch, we went on to the second session were we witnessed entrepreneurs who had come from Mumbai, Kochi just to attend the session make presentations.

We spoke with the attending entrepreneurs on whether the session helped them and the unanimous answer was “yes it did”. The session at Saarthi, true to its meaning, turned out to be ‘The Guidance’ for startups after-all.

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Views from sidelines by Vallabh Rao and Praanesh


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