Entrepreneurship is seeping into the system or So it seems!!

Tuesday November 16, 2010,

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Entrepreneurship is seeping into the system or So it seems!!

Yesterday i got a call from a young student from my undergrad college, St.Stephens, what surprised me about this was that, St.Stephens also has an active E cell running in campus. I remember when i was in college E cell was unheard of, also let me not forget i graduated in 2001 and its now going to be a decade.

This enterprising student informed me about how students are interested in doing internships in startups etc. I was suitably impressed. I thought undergrad is all fun where after senior school one is just figuring out what to do in life. But this was not a call from an E cell member from an undergrad college but i guess a call from the new fast moving India. I am sure soon we will have (if not already) school students making business plans etc! I don't know which way life is better - having fun in college and figuring out things later or being focused early on. As for me, i had none, neither did i have any particular fun in college neither did i have any clarity.To sum up life has been in the moments. But again, isn't the crux of entrepreneurship -living in the moments -the good ones and many bad ones:)

I am super impressed with the new bunch of students in India, their focus is commendable but i wish they did not think about internships and jobs so early on!!


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