iDubba.com revisited: Rabi Gupta and Ashish Kumar, Founders, iDubba.com (iNiD Digimedia (P) Ltd)

Team YS
30th Nov 2010
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TV and Movies like never before

When we last spoke to the founders of iDubba.com they had set about revolutionizing the way the world watches TV. Aiming at creating an IPod like ease to the process of watching films and serials, young entrepreneurs Rabi Gupta and Ashish Kumar had conceived the business idea of iDubba.com. We caught up with the entrepreneurial duo after a little more than a year to find out what they have been up to.

Yourstory presents an interview with iDubba.com and its creators one year down the line…

Could you explain your business idea to readers who are not familiar with iDubba.com ?


iDubba.com, is a platform to let users discover shows based on their profile and taste, and enabling them to make their TV viewing life more social! We mainly focus on shows rather than Channels and also have features like- Program suggestions, Intelligent Alerts, Tune In, Public page for every user’s favorite TV shows, Show/Movie Search and ability to rate, Share, Set Reminders, Tuning in and commenting on any show or movie. Also our website is completely integrated with Facebook to allow easy sharing with friends. Very soon we are going to launch Friends’ connections, Reward system and Mobile updates and applications too!

What segment of the populous have you identified as apt consumers for your services?

ASHISH: We would like to start with young generation Internet users who wish to watch niche content on TV. We would then scale up the business to reach other segments of market. With 110 million TV viewing homes and around 25 million DTH subscribers the scope is huge and growing rapidly!

What are basic differences do you want to establish in your business model?

iDubba Founders

RABI: Firstly, we want to personalize TV viewing by giving suggestions which are based on user’s profile and show’s popularity. Secondly, we want to make TV viewing life more social so as to allow better engagement for Television related content and lastly we would like to be one-stop-shop for all idiot box entertainment needs!The business model is built around the fact that we are solving critical needs of today’s TV viewers, TV broadcasters and other operators whose business revolve around TV content and distribution. If we can efficiently solve their problems, business would not be a big problemJ.

What is next in terms of business expansion for iDubba.com?

RABI: We are going to finalize our seed funding soon and then planning to reach out to masses. We are also thinking of some creative advertising means to reach out to targeted audience. Once we have a substantial user base we’ll go for next phase implementation which is still under the hoods!

Why did entrepreneurship become your career choice?

RABI: It’s never about the choice, it’s about destiny! I was lucky enough to understand early that my destiny lies in doing something innovative and different which can change people’s lives. A clichéd answer but that’s how it is J!

What has been the biggest challenge at iDubba.com?

ASHISH: Biggest challenge is and always will be to implement our thoughts the way we ideate them. It’s really a challenge to make the product look and work the way we think they should. But to add, there is no shortcut to this! You need to keep evolving every day to make the product look better!

How did you fund iDubba.com and what are your capital aims for today?

RABI: We bootstrapped for almost a year and not before launching the main version we started looking out for seed funding. We are in advanced phases of finalizing investment from an Angel Investor!

What kind of recognition has iDubba.com found for its work in the last year?

RABI:IDubba has already won recognitions at IEC,08( Business meet of FMS,New Delhi), INTAGLIO,08 ( Int’l Business plan competition ,IIM Calcutta), NITIE Mumbai and has also presented the concept in front of an engaging audience at Startup Saturday, Delhi Chapter!

What motivates you to pursue entrepreneurship despite its pitfalls?

RABI:The fact that we all are doing work which is exciting and meaningful to us more than makes up for any insecurity jitters. We ensure that each member onboard is someone we can hang out with post work, which makes the atmosphere at iDubba more fun than it was at our college canteens!

ASHISH: For me it’s totally about passion. When I was working I was never overjoyed, no matter how hard I coded and slogged. But with iDubba every single line of working code gives me satisfaction, which is unmatched by any other work.

What is your Vision for 2011?

RABI: we envision making TV viewing life more social, engaging and fun. This would be achieved via our web and Mobile platforms and some really innovative technologies we are putting behind our product!


How would you explain entrepreneurial success?

RABI: If you have watched social network you would understand the real difference between an idea and the power in its execution! People usually say that all it takes to be a successful entrepreneur is ONE idea. But mind you behind the success of all those people there is dedication, hard work and perseverance. One idea can take you nowhere, it’s the implementation of the idea and how one carries it forward, is what matters.

ASHISH: Start early and never worry too much about your job. Just believe that Job is the last thing you want in life. Rest all things will fall in place, automatically.

YourStory wishes Rabi Gupta and Ashish Kumar the founders of iDubba.com success with achieving the next milestones that they have set for themselves. We hope that their dreams of revolutionizing television into a social, engaging and fun medium come about soon. For a look at how their business idea works, go to http://idubba.com

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