Kartik Raichura,Founder, Management Paradise on completing 6 years and more

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Kartik is in his early 20’s and I have been following his journey for more than 2 years now. Early 20s means that he started Management Paradise as a teenager. His passion for his venture supersedes everything else. Being in the internet space, where competition rules the roost, he has managed to stay on top. Like every entrepreneur the journey has not been easy but in his words, “it has been fun”I thought its but natural to quiz him a bit as he celebrates Management Paradise’s 6th anniversary. Please join me in congratulating this young entrepreneur and I hope we continue to write about his journey closely for years to come.

6 Years of Management Paradise..How does it feel being in the hot seat? How has the journey been as an entrepreneur so far?

Kartik: Entrepreneurship in all its glory can be rightly said as emotions on steroids with the highs and lows With all the uncertainties and risks involved in doing what I like, these 6 years have been a roller coaster ride. Sometimes, I conquered the world and some other times I thought I couldn’t rule. But it was all worth it. Each person in the team is a powerhouse and the pleasure of working with each of this one man army is ecstatic.

We're rolling out MBAs.in soon. We've rolled out BMS.co.inCaseStudy.co.in and many small ventures are delivering tremendous value to the ecosystem we cater to. We've recently acquired a premium domain B-school.com and that hopefully will be a global story at an altogether different level.

Its been a great journey for me so far.Do you feel you have given up a lot in the last 6 years of Management Paradise

Kartik: Quite frankly yes, I've put my sweat and blood in it, neglected immediate pleasures for the dream of making it big. When the world was celebrating, I sometimes was working. As an entrepreneur, I let go of a lot of things. It is difficult to balance work life and personal life sometimes, but it is all to realize a really big dream and that dream is worth all the sacrifices.

What has been the most driving factor for you in these years.

Kartik: Appreciation from the people we work for. Today management students and enthusiasts from all over the world flock on one portal and admire us for the work we do. There is more hunger in the world for appreciation and love than bread said Mother Teresa, and we're running a venture which gives us abundance of both. I've worked with over a 100 people in these 6 years and almost everyone wherever he or she maybe says they've learnt a lot and that MP made them what they are today. We have students saying they completed their graduation and post graduation solely coz of the help they received from our platform. Empowering people with management education and revolutionizing it is what we aim for and the appreciation we get from people confirms we'll achieve it soon.

- Shradha Sharma


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