Laughing Genie presents - All day Live Haiku!


Want a poem written in MINUTES, as per your wishes? At Genie Land, your wish is our command!

Get on to Genie LIVE tomorrow, the 20th of November, @, and make a request!

The theme for the day is HAIKU: short, 17 syllable poems in three lines. You can request a poem on any theme: children, birds, your girlfriend, the cute guy next door, life, sorrow, partyin’, booze- you make the wish, we write the POEM! Isn’t that great? The Genie is LIVE ALL THROUGH the day, from 9 AM to 9 PM IST, just to write all those lovely Haikus for you!

And the Genie assures you that every poem will be written in not more than 10 minutes!

That’s not all- The best request wins a FREE SIMPLY SCROLLS (Delicate paper scrolls with poems handwritten on them), with five chosen HAIKUS from the day, delivered to their address! Don’t wait, keep all those requests ready!

To know more about the Laughing Genie, please visit,, or add us as a friend on Facebook : We are on Twitter too,

See you tomorrow at 9 AM, then! (Psst.. the Genie is LIVE ALL DAY, so why don’t you make one request two? J )


Will soon tell you the story of the entrepreneur couple behind the Genie!