Madura Microfinance presents Sociopreneur 2010

Tuesday November 16, 2010,

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Madura Microfinance comes in as a title sponsor

Madura Microfinance, the microfinance company that is intent upon transforming the rural populace with its cutting edge research, has come in as a title sponsor for Sociopreneur 2010. It is a moment of recognition of the social enterprise event hosted by YourStory/CNBC-TV18 Young Turks that Madura has agreed to support as a title sponsor. We thank Madura Microfinance for this gesture.

Dr. Tara Thiagarajan, founder of Madura Microfinance, brought in a whiff of fresh air into the social enterprise sector combining her brain research with rural market creation. This innovative venture has gone on to redefine microfinance in India. Madura understands that problems of the rural population are not simply addressed by just giving microcredit. Micromarkets and microeducation are also part of Madura's agenda. Dr. Tara is confident that her research will go on to redefine the microfinance landscape.

David Appasamy, executive director, is passionate about the rural enterprise. A distinct gleam and sparkle spreads on his face when you ask him about Madura Microfinance. Six months into the job, David was able to see a transformation among the women who were part of Madura's microlending portfolio. He explains with enthusiasm about transformation of a woman who has gone on to become a cluster leader handling Rs. 6 to Rs. 7 crores of fund.

So, at Madura, it is microfinance with a difference. YourStory is more than just happy that Madura Microfinance has agreed to support Sociopreneur 2010 as a title sponsor.

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