New Business, New Conflicts, New Impetus: The 9th China Entrepreneur Summit 2010 in December 2010, Beijing

Sunday November 14, 2010,

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From December 3 to December 5, 9th China Entrepreneur Summit 2010, the most influential annual business event in China, will be held in Beijing. Themed by "New Business, New Conflicts, New Impetus", the Summit will be co-sponsored by China Entrepreneur Magazine and China Entrepreneur Club. This year's Summit will consistently invite entrepreneurs with independent minds and resolute actions, economists with outstanding achievements and politicians with great visions to discuss the most deep and cutting-edge topics in commercial society. It is estimated that over 800 guests from all circles of life will participate in the great event.

Eyes on the "Three-News" in the "Year of Conflicts"

After repeated discussions by internal and external expert panels, we have finally set the theme of this Summit as "New Business, New Conflicts, New Impetus". Liu Donghua, Chief of China Entrepreneur Magazine said, "Embracing the second decade of the 21st century, we must make explorations and find solutions for some major problems. For example, what path should Chinese business follow? Where should we seek for impetus? Where should we ask for support? Also, we're in need of reaching some important common views. The theme is in line with our values, which are healthy, positive and keeping pace with the times."

"The year 2010 can be named 'the year of conflicts', which is partly why we have chosen 'New Business, New Conflicts, New Impetus' as the final theme," concluded Huang Lilu, Editor-in-chief of China Entrepreneur magazine, on the year drawing to an end, when asked about the theme of the Summit.

Huang held that this year was occupied with frequent conflicts: Capital is greatly favored while industry is increasingly left out in the cold; the state-owned enterprises are advancing vigorously while the private enterprises are struggling for survival; the domestic enterprises are enthusiastically marching into international markets while multinational corporations are complaining about Chinese market environments; the misunderstandings of the public towards entrepreneurs remain and the spirits of the entrepreneurs are obviously depressed because of delayed reforms and the lack of social recognition; the new generation of staff formed by post-80s and post-90s individuals are impacting the conservative management modes for many years; conflicts between the family businesses and managers are being aggravated during the course of going public…

Diversified Topics Feeling the Very Pulse of Business World

It is reported that the Organization Committee has decided nearly 20 forum topics centering on the theme of the Summit, including macroeconomic discussions such as "Twelfth Five-Year Plan and Enterprise Strategy", "Enterprise and Society: Confliction and Integration"; discussions on key industries such as real estate, new energy, finance, new agriculture, etc.; discussions on managerial levels such as "A Correct View Towards the Post-90s", "Complicated Affections Between the Founders and Managers", etc. The topics are diversified and inclusive. Meanwhile, to further promote communications and experiences of the participants, new communicating methods will be introduced such as semi-closed forums, Leaders' Cafe, luncheon, Instructor Forum, etc. This aims to have every participant dialogue synchronously, review problems and share wisdom.

The sponsor has disclosed that, though there's still more than a month to go, over 50 renowned entrepreneurs have fit the Summit into their schedules, including Liu Chuanzhi, Chairman of the Board of Lenovo Group, Li Dongsheng, Chairman of the Board of TCL Corporation, Yu Minhong, Chairman of the Board of New Oriental Education & Technology Group, Xu Xiaonian, Professor of China Europe International Business School, Yu Rumin, Chairman of the Board of Tianjin Port (Group) Co., Ltd., Wang Wenjing, Chairman of the Board of UFIDA Software Co., Ltd., Li Yi, Chairman and Country Head of China Region of UBS, Tang Min, Deputy Secretary-general of China Development Research Foundation, Huang Hui, Global Vice President of Deutsche Telekom, Zhang Xuebin, Chairman of the Board of Skyworth Group. Editor-in-chief Huang Lilu said, "More entrepreneurs are still arranging their schedules. This year, we'll invite more new faces and people in limelight to the Summit."

The Trends of Innovation and Low Carbon

"The China Entrepreneur Summit has been held for successive sessions. It has become the most important annual gathering for entrepreneurs. As the host, we're making continuous innovations to introduce greater values into the summit," said Editor-in-chief Huang Lilu. "This year, we'll further enhance micro-blogging interactions and establish an SMS platform to achieve synchronous interactions of the feedback information of the participants and the organizers."

Moreover, low carbon once again becomes the primary responsibility to be shouldered in this year's Summit. "We'll reduce the printed materials and increase the photoelectric devices. And we'll try to achieve low carbon and green without affecting the quality and effects of the Summit," said Editor-in-Chief Huang Lilu. "We'll try the best to cut down the distributions of massive paper agendas and use MMS and simplified brochures instead. All the participants will register online."

"For the first time we'll remove to Traders Hotel (Phase III) in the tallest building in Beijing. It is a top high-end platform for business conferences, and we'd like the Summit to reach a higher stage of development this year," confirmed Huang Lilu.

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