Nickolas Thng and Vivek K. Gupta, Founder, Dooxle International Pte. Ltd

Team YS
26th Nov 2010
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No.1 Accessories store – Dooxle

We all know of the potential that E commerce possesses. From access to a global market to an unprecedented ability to display an unlimited number of products Ecommerce seems to have it all. Conversely India has yet to see an Ec ommerce venture that has fulfilled the potential of the genre. However Vivek K. Gupta and Mr Nickolas Thng believe that with Dooxle International they can change all that.

Dooxle is a giant supplier of products and accessories offering an unimaginably huge catalog of 150,000 quality products at competitive prices and world-wide free-shipping facility to all customers.

Yourstory spoke to Vivek to learn more about his approach to Ecommerce and the potential that Dooxle possesses.

What kind of company is Dooxle International? What are your products and services?

Head-quartered in Singapore, Dooxle International Pte. Ltd. is an E-commerce venture. It is a giant supplier of products and accessories for all branded goods, which include a wide range of uniquely & beautifully designed stationary, toys, fun & family items, lifestyle and fashion products, and many more (for details visit: www.Dooxle.com). It offers an unimaginably huge catalogue of 150,000 quality products at competitive prices and world-wide free-shipping facility to all customers- individuals | corporate | wholesalers.

Dooxle is an initiative of young entrepreneurs Mr Nickolas Thng (Founder, CEO) and Mr. Vivek K. Gupta (Partner). What’s behind Dooxle is the strong affiliation of several major Business-players.

What purpose does the business idea Dooxle aspire to accomplish?

The purpose of starting Dooxle is to enter and participate in the upcoming era of ‘all E-commerce’ as a One Global Shop. Currently, we have a huge fan-base of over 20,000 people and it is expected to reach over half-a-million by next year this time. From its very first glimpse and user friendly experience everyone considers Dooxle as an ‘art of E-commerce’.


How is Dooxledifferent from other E-commerce ventures?

At Dooxle we work under the motto – You name it, We get it. Dooxle can provide access to huge product portfolio of 150,000, with latest design and patterns. The three Value-propositions Dooxle offers to all its customers are:

  • Amazing Quality products
  • Fantastic Prices
  • Worldwide Free-Shipping to all customers (individuals| corporate | wholesalers)

Dooxle values its customers’ satisfaction and consider it as its utmost priority. Each of its products goes through several quality checks before it is dispatched to our customers. Nonetheless, it provides free Buyer-protection plan and Guarantees 100% customers’ satisfaction, which allow exchange or full-refund within 14 days of purchase for any reasons. Customers can also email their list of preferred products & quantity to wholesale@dooxle.com |feedback@dooxle.com and Dooxle will make sure that they get the best deal in terms of both pricing & quality.

5.     How does one scale up a business that is based on Ecommerce?


Dooxle website is uniquely designed for complex E-commerce affiliations. Today we have tie up with several E-commerce ventures in several countries and are currently looking for right partnership with our expansion plans in India.

Dooxle is fast approaching its set-plans to scale-up globally.

6.     What are your reasons for choosing the entrepreneurs journey?

No matter what work one does it involves hectic routines and requires sincere contribution. Entrepreneurism is nothing big but a self-created job-profile that involves bigger risks and most of the time no immediate monetary income.

I consider myself an above average risk-taker and an aggressive doer who can relatively easily deal with today’s struggles without getting distracted by lucrative substitutes during failures. In one word, I would say, it’s the ‘job-satisfaction’ that was the prime motive behind I becoming an entrepreneur. The love for the ownership and willingness to take responsibility simply helps me in dealing with the ‘motivation’ part.

My choice to become an entrepreneur is mostly driven by my attitude and not intelligence. Intelligence is mere an added advantage that increases the odds in favor of, and not guarantees, the success.


7.What has been biggest challenge that entrepreneurship has thrown at you?The very basic nature of an Entrepreneurial Venture to manage your own business with scarce resources and to work long hours for making a foreseeable-future (a dream) come true makes it all hard. An entrepreneur may be a good communicator, a good motivator and a good leader in convincing others, but at times the non-stop failures literally forces him to bow down on his knees. It is relatively much easy to keep up with the enthusiasm of the employees, the loaners, friends & relatives but the toughest part is to keep up with the self-motivation.

One has to learn all by himself and train his brain to ignore the negative impact of hard-times and keep going. My involvement in activities like: meeting people, speaking up my mind-out, swimming, yoga etc. helps me a lot in dealing with such circumstances.

8. What lesson made you grow from an amateur to a professional entrepreneur?

During the initial years of my learning back in 2005-2007 I failed to understand the importance of net-working with the right people. Its better late than never; Today I am connected with many major players and business tycoons across the globe.

9. Where did you find the seed capital for your company? Any plans to raise money?

At the time of start of Dooxle its partners pooled in their money to start the operations and bear its initial expense. Today, Dooxle is in a position that we do not need any capital but we are open to join hands with right partners actively looking for expanding globally in E-commerce.

11.  Do you have any advice to share with prospective entrepreneurs?

Dear prospective Entrepreneurs; when you will fold your sleeves to act upon your dreams you will realize that the reality and your forecasted assumptions are very different. Many unforeseeable failures and opportunities simultaneously will come on the way. Being agile, focused and determined along with openness to associate with right partners will help a lot in sailing through the tough times. No formula can guarantee success, so always be prepared with your back-up plans.

Nonetheless, the course of action will teach you enough common-sense and practicality of life that you won’t find in books, so whatever be the outcome never get disheartened.

Yourstory wishes Vivek K. Gupta, Nickolas Thng and Dooxle International success with their business idea. We hope to see them fulfil the enormous potential that their genre possesses in due time... Visit them and have a look at their products at www.dooxle.com

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