"QPrize™ has been a life changing experience for us", says winner Krishna Mehra


How did you happen to enter and win "QPrize™"? How has it changed Capillary and its business prospects?It was quite interesting the way we got to know about "QPrize™". I had gone to one of the Open Coffee Club sessions and Karthee Madasamy of Qualcomm was the speaker that day. I was quite impressed by his ideas and he asked all of us to submit our proposals. It was right at the last moment that we manage to send out presentation out, used to as we are of doing things right at the 11th hour. We got through the first selection round, and then worked very hard to get the traction and the market correctly covered before the final presentation. Even at the last moment, we had not expected to win, with some of the other entrepreneurs being far more seasoned. However, I believe, at the end of the day, it was the traction that we had gotten very well-known retailers using the solution and actually paying for it that tilted the results in our favour.

"QPrize™” has been a life changing experience for us. The PR and buzz that it gave us helped us a lot in terms of hiring smart people, convincing clients, and partners and advisors who came on board to help us build the company. Thanks to "QPrize™", we have managed to scale up almost 15 times since we first won "QPrize™", and the benefits have been more than just the money. The Qualcomm team has also been of great help in guiding us in the right direction, giving us the necessary attention and connections, as well as to help us generate the right buzz and get traction.

Yourstory wishes the entrepreneurial duo of Aneesh and Krishna lots of success in the retail + mobile segment. We urge you to have a look at their website and learn more about their offerings at http://www.capillary.co.in/capillary