Sociopreneurship India 2010, a path-breaking event that showcases social innovations, just a day away


Madura Microfinance Sociopreneurship India 2010 is inching closer and we are just a day away from this path-breaking event that showcases 15 social innovations. In a country like India, are 15 innovations enough to change the social sector? Well, a lot of activity is happening in the social innovation space and we bring to you a microcosm of what social entrepreneurship promises to be in the coming years.Alleviating poverty: keynote

If a nation like India suffers on one count on a large scale, it is poverty. It has become a regular feature of government policy to count the below the poverty line (BPL) numbers. What can be done to address this challenge of poverty? Dr. Tara Thiagarajan, chairperson of Madura Microfinance, is engaged in cutting-edge research to understand why rural markets are not scaling up. The loan size of Rs. 15,000 is used only for sustenance of the beneficiaries. If CavinKare started by C.K. Ranganathan (an inspiration for many entrepreneurs) can reach crores of rupees in revenues starting with the same amount of capital, why not rural markets? Tara combines her neural networks research with rural landscape to see if rural markets can be created on a large scale.

This research assumes significance in the light of the larger problem India faces today. She is using the Madura Microfinance framework to test and validate her hypotheses and assumptions. Hear the fascinating account of how a microfinance institution has become a laboratory to help alleviate poverty from Tara Thiagarajan.

Shakti Pirakkudhu

Madura Microfinance has produced a 110-minute film featuring real actors from Tamil film world to showcase the key points of social transformation. Shakti Pirakkudhu (a power is born) brings to focus the rural scenario and what a woman can achieve if she begins to think outside the village. The details about the movie will be available for you at Sociopreneurship India 2010.

Capital benefits

Bootstrapping is a great way to start a business and push it through for a couple of years maybe. If your innovation is world changing and should be adapted on a mass scale, just the money you generate from your customers or from other sources will not just be enough. Here come the social capital investors. They play a huge part in turning your business into a million-dollar business. Remember, every business is not worthy of funding and only if you are looking for scale, it is a good idea to raise money. To give you an idea of what the investor perspective is, several investors have been lined up as panelists and will be available through the day for you. This is a great opportunity for you to connect with them. The best funds are represented in this event. We are just delighted about it.

Food for thought

Two panel discussions -- one prelunch and another postlunch -- will give you a perspective on the social entrepreneurship challenges and the business model suitable. Again, the best of the minds in the investor space and some leading lights in the social sector will join in a discussion with Charles Assisi, executive editor of Forbes India. Come, join the discussions. Of course, when the floor is open for questions from the audience, you get the best chance to challenge the panelists.


Fifteen innovators will present their business ideas to an esteemed panel of judges drawn from the investor community and experts. To know what the line up is, just be there. We just wouldn’t reveal it to you now! A small bit of surprise would be healthy.

If there is one sector that is rising and growing in India at present, it is the social enterprise sector. Social enterprises have existed in India before. Amul is one good example. But many business grads and other enterprising people throwing away their lucrative career in favor of social enterprise is something new. It is apt that we have chosen the right moment for showcasing what the sector looks like.


Representatives of the print and electronic media will be available through the day. Here is the best chance for you to establish a connection.

Just be there and register for the event at the website if you haven’t done already.


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