Startup testing firm from Bangalore, Prakat Solutions partners with Mitra Jyothi to set up Accessibility Lab

Saturday November 13, 2010,

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The new Lab will employ visually-impaired people to test applications for access by the differently-abled

Prakat Solutions, a Bangalore-based, independent software testing company will set up a software accessibility lab at Mitra Jyothi, a charitable trust for assisting people with visual disability. The lab aims to boost the usability and accessibility of software, websites and mobile applications by people who have disabilities. Under this engagement, Prakat will provide the infrastructure, training as well as assignments that will empower and employ the Mitra Jyothi community.

Testing for accessibility will check if the software provides alternatives to requirements such as reading text and images, typing on a keyboard and selecting information using mouse. The groups that would benefit from increased accessibility include the print-disabled (unable to see or understand printed text/images), physically disabled (users with amputations, paralysis or similar problems limiting mobility) and the hearing-impaired. Boosting accessibility will also benefit a large number of older users who experience problems with vision and dexterity.

Entrepreneur Anuradha Biswas behind Prakat Solutions said “Our partnership with Mitra Jyothi is in line with our vision to constantly work towards developing a well-qualified group of testers who can satisfy the ever-growing talent demand within the software testing industry. By setting up an accessibility lab at the Mitra Jyothi campus, we are able to train the differently-abled to perform software testing thereby providing them a permanent means of employment. Secondly, we are also building our capability for performing large scale and complex accessibility testing assignments. This partnership with Mitra Jyothi endorses our belief that globally, software must be more inclusive.”

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