Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-11-28

Think Change India
posted on 28th November 2010
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  • Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-11-21 via ThinkChange India – – Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-11-14 via … http://tinyurl.com/2bsvurs #

  • "The time is ripe for an 'Office of Social Entrepreneurship' in the government" http://tinyurl.com/2f3oamh #

  • Just walked into India Sociopreneurship 2010 just in time for Young social Leaders 2010 #

  • 15 promising social entrepreneurs to showcase their work #

  • Innovation,sustainability,social impact were the criteria of selection of the 17(not 15) SE to present @ Sociopreneurhsip India 2010 #

  • First SE to present Forus Health Pvt. Ltd #

  • Forus Makes health care products accessable to poor #

  • 3Nethra-device for prescreening of eye -is their flagship product #

  • 3nethra is an eye prescreening device to be installed on kiosks-gives a go/no-go result on blindness #

  • Forus has collaboration with Aravind Eye Hospitals & Shankara Nethralaya #

  • Forus wants hopes to install devices in public places like Rly. stations so people coming for different purposes pre-screen their eye #

  • Waste Ventures aims to change the individual ragpickers or waste NGOs into corporations good at processing waste #

  • Waste Ventures' Parag admits the model isn't a success at Tier-I cities, but has 5 years to prove the model in Tier-II & Tier-III cities #

  • EZ Vidya http://goo.gl/md7O1 is the next startup to present #

  • EZ Vidya is an educational services company between KG-10th std & develops ICT based curriculum #

  • EZ Vidya is an educational services company working in KG-10th std segment & develops ICT based curriculum #

  • "What is the price per student per Annum?" EZ Vidya: Rs. 800/- #

  • "What value does a teacher see from EZ Vidya?" To explain any concepts teacher can use her brains to explain it or she can use our strategy" #

  • Pretty impressive presentation from EZ Vidya. But questions on if they cater to BoP weren't asked or mentioned.Will try to get answers #

  • Next presenter Sampoorna Suraksha http://goo.gl/z9yC4 #

  • SHG initiative on health insurance for BoP. #

  • Next Presenter Drishtee – low cost rural supply network http://goo.gl/8Kcjs #

  • Drishtee offers Capacity, Credit Channel to the rural entrepreneur #

  • "How is rural entrepreneur different frm rest?" – They are very invested in servicing the community they belong&they very careful risktakers #

  • Next presenter Samaan guru http://goo.gl/xHWm3 .Offers solutions that convert a phone into a business tool #

  • Samaan Guru has pilots in healthcare,pharma,retail #

  • Initial SE presenters seem to have overshot time and that is costing the later presenters dearly. Micrograam http://goo.gl/m39GU comes next #

  • Samaan Guru seems to have been a good SE but couldn't spend too much time exploring the start-up #

  • Next on stage is start-up "2up and 2down" http://goo.gl/is9F9 #

  • The start-up is a exclusive hand-craftd fabric that empowers women by employing them #

  • "2 up 2 down" supplies fabindia among other retails #

  • "Q&A: As your products r handcrafted? How do you scale up?" Addressing it by associating with more women willing to work at home. #

  • Next up EKO. Helping banking transactions possible on mobile phones http://goo.gl/fk15U #

  • Showed a video how un-banked ppl can open S/B account, deposit and x-fer money by just going to a kiranha store #

  • Claims that they are processing multiple crores worth of transctions per day! #

  • Well that is all I have time for to update from Sociopreneurship 2010.The event is on though. will elaborate on our blog! Watch out! #

  • A Subprime Crisis for the Poorest? http://is.gd/hGgvQ #

  • MIT Sloan student forms LGBT India Foundation http://is.gd/hGgwm #

  • A Subprime Crisis for the Poorest? http://bit.ly/hY0xHw #

  • MIT Sloan student forms LGBT India Foundation http://bit.ly/dNBGFj #

  • AIF One of World's Two Best Diaspora Organizations http://is.gd/hT6kA #

  • AIF One of World's Two Best Diaspora Organizations http://bit.ly/e0RoUO #

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