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LIQVID- Learning that takes your shape

Liqvid is an apt name for a developer of eLearning Services. The word is an amalgamation of two root words: ‘Liquidus' - Latin for ‘fluid' or 'flowing', and ‘Vid' - Sanskrit for ‘to know'. Their learning content development work in domains such as IT, Telecom, Publishing, and English Language Training (ELT) is known for its effectiveness and ease of understanding. Based out of Noida, New Delhi, LIQVID offers quality learning services that include Custom Content development, Training Design services, Technology Services, and Learning Support Services. His product is literally Liqvid - Learning that takes your shape.

LIQVID is a venture created by the founder of Vivek Agarwal. He had initially tasted immense success with and used his entrepreneurial skills and learning to create another venture that would take not just India but the world by storm.

Yourstory learnt more about Liqvid and how it has made its name in its sphere from its CEO and founder Vivek Agarwal

What business idea has Liqvid used to achieve its stunning success?

Liqvid is a company specializing in application of technology to the learning process. We provide customized learning solutions and English Language learning solutions to customers around the globe. We have global leaders as our customers and partners. Our vision is to provide effective and enjoyable experiences to learners everywhere. Our ambition is to bring the benefit of education particularly English to hundreds of millions of learners in a high-quality and cost-effective way by leveraging the power of technology.

Who can ideally use the English learning solutions you provide? We provide customized English learning solutions for learners across all age groups – from 4-yr olds to working executives and entrepreneurs. Our solution is used by schools, colleges and universities, vocational training institutes, companies and governments. There are more than 150,000 learners that are benefiting from our offerings.

You are one of the few English learning solution providers who make a profit. What do you do differently with your business model?

Liqvid’s English Edge offering has 3 dimensions on which it is differentiated – Pedagogy, Curriculum and Delivery.

In terms of pedagogy we use the new communicative approach as opposed to the traditional grammar Translation approach.

On the curriculum side, we have created specialized curriculum for different needs of learners – work, academic and general & social. We have also created content in 10 different vernacular languages as well as for different proficiency levels of the learners. There is distinctive content for adult and young learners.

On the delivery side, we have leveraged technology to create a blended learning approach where both trainers and learners have a multimedia rich software, supported by manuals and course books.

How far do you plan to expand the business?

The business will be scaled up in several dimensions. First is penetrating the existing segments in a much deeper way. Then there are new products and markets. Additionally there are new channels like mobile and internet.

The idea is to leverage our deep expertise in English language to address all the segments and his various needs.

What does entrepreneurship symbolize for you?

I have heard a quote, that 90% of all entrepreneurs fail, but the balance 10% are the happiest people in the world. I believe it is worth taking a shot at being happy. Additionally being in an education business gives the benefit of a double bottom-line – that of doing well by doing good. I think there is no better thing than that.

It is the thrill of creating something and watching it grow and have impact on the lives of people. Education is additionally attractive in this sense.

What is the biggest mistake you made as an amateur entrepreneur?

I would say the biggest mistake I have made is not spending enough time in thinking through what I was attempting which led to costly mistakes. In some cases, the mistake was compounded by the delay in some taking some difficult decisions to correct those.

What has been the growth trajectory of Liqvid in terms of employees and branches?

The company has been growing quite nicely. We have been featured in the Deloitte technology fast 50 for two years in a row in the past. We now have a pan-India presence.

What recognition has Liqvid found for its excellent work in English language learning solutions?

The big achievements have been creating a great English language learning product and in getting and keeping a few large customers.

LIQVID has won STC (Society for Technical communication) excellence awards, for the last two consecutive years. It is ranked amongst fastest growing technology company in India and also ranked amongst the top 500 in Asia Pacific, for last two consecutive years. It has also been nominated by British Council, U.K. amongst the top 12 Technology based English Learning Innovative product.

Liqvid is a Brandon Hall Gold Award winner for the year 2007

Recognized by NASSCOM as Top 100 IT innovators for two consecutive years 2006 &


What is your vision for Liqvid in the coming years?

To establish Liqvid has a pre-eminent organization in the area of creating scalable model of learning particularly in English language learning.

How should an amateur entrepreneur go about his work to achieve success?

Thing big and start small. Think through the various aspects deeply and then go out and execute in a world class way. Also, start with a good team. If you do the right things, money will not be a problem.

Yourstory wishes Vivek Agarwal ever growing success and fame with his venture Liqvid. We are sure that his vision for Liqvid shall come to be a reality and urge you to sneak a peek at his work at


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