Dr. Batra's: World’s Largest Chain of Homeopathic Clinics


The grandest of dreams often begin with small steps. This is best illustrated by ace astronaut Neil Armstrong's celebrated quote, “One small step for man, a giant leap for mankind.” It propels us to understand how humble beginnings can lead to great things.It also mirrors the exponential growth of Dr. Batra's Positive Health Clinic, no less.

What began as a single homeopathic clinic in Mumbai in 1982, Dr. Batra’s has now transformed itself into the world’s first-ever and also the largest chain of professional, corporatised homeopathic clinics, with an enviable international presence — from Mauritius and London to Dubai.

Dr. Batra's name today is synonymous with commitment and dedication to the cause of providing world-class homeopathic healthcare across the globe. In so doing, Dr Batra’s has given a new thrust, and new dimension, to holistic and natural healthcare — one that espouses safe, gentle and effective healing practices, juxtaposed by a culture of technological innovation and excellence.

This has, indeed, been the founding and guiding principle for Dr. Batra’s and its employees for over 25 years now — in other words, they are its holistic engines of growth.

Add to this a steadfast commitment to value its customers, and this is what that has drawn people from all walks of life looking out for natural, homeopathic health solutions to Dr. Batra's clinics in India and abroad.

Dr. Batra’s has 62 clinics located across 23 cities in India — and, abroad — with a workforce of 250 doctors and 600 support staff, who are driven by diligence, passion and commitment to help those stricken by illness, ill-health or disease.

Apart from healthcare, Dr. Batra’s is socially aware of its pivotal role in society. It founded Dr. Batra's Positive Health Foundation in 2001. Since 2006, it has also helped organise Dr. Batra's Positive Health Awards to recognise and felicitate the courage and bravery of physically/mentally-challenged and illness-challenged people, who by their grit and determination, have overcome their adversity and made a mark in the community. The Awards also honour doctors for their magnanimous and selfless service to society.

Headquartered in the financial and business hub of India, Mumbai, Dr. Batra's clinics serve over a million people from all corners of the globe. With each passing day, the number is only growing.

The services and facilities offered at Dr. Batra's clinics are aimed to making patients as comfortable as possible — the experience, as hundreds of thousands of patients extol, “is as pleasant as possible.” It’s no surprise, therefore, that a survey conducted by the US-based American Quality Assessors pegged Dr Batra’s customer satisfaction rate at a whopping, or highly satisfying, 98 per cent.

Such little personal touches — but, they all define the company’s noble endeavour and vision to treat every customer and their unique, individual health needs, in the best manner possible.

Dr Batra’s is backed by cutting-edge infrastructure and technology, including remote video conferencing and cyber clinics, so that both doctors and patients can “bridge” countries and also continents in a flash.

Dr. Batra's also uses advanced scientific techniques of treatment to ensure that patients get nothing less than the best. In addition, the medications used are sourced from nature; they are blister-packed to ensure the most stringent levels of quality control and hygiene.

It is this whole-hearted commitment to excellence that has brought Dr. Batra's at the forefront on holistic healthcare — the first homeopathic chain of clinics in the world to receive ISO 9001:2008 Certification.