Dr. D. K. Chopade - Founder of Down’s Syndrome Care Association (DSCA) and Winner of Dr. Batra Positive Health Awards 2010


Dr. D.K. Chopade has done MBBS, MS (Anatomy),Post Graduate Certificate Course(Reproductive & Child Health), BJ(MCJ)

He was born in a small village in Buldhana district, in a poor family. His parents were farm labours. From the age of around 10, he worked and supported his education. He studied hard, received merit scholarships, got admission in medical college, and completed his MBBS and MS from Government Medical College, Nagpur. Initial struggles in his life inspired him to create “Down’s Syndrome Care Association” (DSCA) in the year 2007.

Through DSCA, Dr Chopade is creating Genetic Health Awareness in general public and doctors’ community in North Maharashtra, Marathwada and Vidarbha. It is essentially creating public awareness about Down’s syndrome condition and getting people involved in the various Down’s syndrome activities. Every year DSCA organizes World Down’s syndrome Days on 21st March 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010. It provides free detail check up to the DS kids from all the medical specialists like Geneticist, Physician, ENT, Opthalmogist, Physiotherapist, speech Therapist, Behavioural therapist, Pediatricians, cardiologist. Dr Chopade faced a number of difficulties while setting up DSCA, but that has not deterred him from dreaming big. He wants to build a school for the special children and allow them to grow like normal kids.

YourStory: Please tell us in brief about yourself

I am a medical postgraduate with degrees- MBBS, MS, PGC(Reproductive and Child Health), BJ(MASS Communication and Journalism). I am practicing as a Medical Geneticist and I am a director of "Genetic Health & Care Center" at Nashik. I have been providing the genetic health assessment, genetic tests, chromosomal tests, genetic counseling, prenatal testing for genetic disorders, counseling regarding the management for the genetic disorders.

I have started the "Down's syndrome Care Association, India" as its Founder President in the year 2006 and providing support to the Downs' syndrome kids and their families through various social activities along with a team of likeminded people from medical as well as non-medical people. We have done a fantastic work of getting the parents together along with the doctors group and doing number of activities which I had mentioned in my earlier mail to you.

YourStory: What are the challenges you seem to be facing?

We are facing problems mainly due to scarcity of resources, funds, manpower and place. To fulfill our aim of making most of them independent, socially adaptable, happy, healthy and successful in their own world, we need the understanding, generosity and support of the society.

YourStory: How does it feel to be the winner of Dr.Batra's Positive Health Award?

Dr, Batra's Positive Health Award has made me feel great indeed. Recognition of the work for the genuine cause adds to the energy and enthusiasm and makes the humble workers feel noted and appreciated for their contribution. Certainly, this is of immense value in enhancing the work.

YourStory: Do you think an Award like this makes a difference? Has it impacted you in some way?

Award like this makes difference not only to the awardee, but it also inspires all those who are associated with the social activity as the award though is given to one person, it serves the purpose of recognition of the work of all those associated. This award has certainly impacted me and my associates very much and now we feel we can get support from the concerned elements of the society for taking the noble cause ahead.

YourStory: Any message for the others

Each of us has variable potentials and thus need support of the society for our own growth and success. Therefore, each of us is indebted to the society. It is our responsibility to support those who are not as lucky as we are in having all the physical potentialities. Keep in mind, Down’s kids are very lovely, beautiful and affectionate and what they need is only your attention, care and support. Please support the activity by whatever way it is possible for you; through donations, your active involvement by giving some of your valuable time, through adopting a child for educational purpose, through your contacts or whatever way it is possible for you.

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