E commerce venture 20North Online, makes you go Global Shopping sitting at home


20North Online Pvt.Ltd is an e-commerce company catering to the international shopping needs of Indian consumers. There are many products and brands not available in India but Indian customers like to buy. This includes categories like golf accessories, auto accessories, high end electronics, fashion accessories, outdoor equipment etc. Upscale customers and those who are well traveled and are used to products and brands from the west and even aspirational youth/ enthusiasts tend to be typical customers.

Now customers in India can browse or search catalogs containing millions of products. These catalogs are updated in real-time by 20North's US suppliers reflecting product discounts and spot deals from the merchant.The company make these products (could be an Edwin Watts golf driver or a paint scratch remover for imported cars or a marine GPS for fishing enthusiasts or a pair of Steve Madden shoes or a high definition projector) available for Indians to buy online either duty paid or duty free (if applicable). 20North source their products from the US.

To know about 20North please visit - http://www.20north.com/pages/view/about_us

20North founders - Jawad Ayaz and Vinod Chandran are successful serial entrepreneurs who successfully started and exited telecom ventures like LiveWire and Telesoft.

Detail interview of the entrepreneurs and an inside scoop on 20North to follow shortly.