Entrepreneur Divyesh Kharade led Deltecs InfoTech to present ‘DRONA – Mobile Learning’ at World Summit Awards ceremony in Abu Dhabi


UN-Cooperated Award honours product from India.


The mobile phone is about to replace your travel guide, your remote control and your printed newspaper. It takes you on a magical tour through your next-door park, allows you to become a reporter yourself or helps you trading your goods. It even reminds you to take your pills – should you ever get sick although your mobile weather forecast warned you of the cold front coming in. What a mobile phone can do today is now showcased and decorated by an international award. The “World Summit Award Mobile” has chosen the best mobile contents and applications out of over 400 nominations from nearly 100 countries. Amongst the winners is also DRONA – Mobile Learning Management System from India.When the winning projects will be presented this December at the Winners Conference and Gala in Abu Dhabi, Deltecs Team from India will be called on stage aside with the best producers from all over the world: DRONA, India’s only purpose built development and delivery platform for mobile learning. DRONA enables corporation with a complete end to end infrastructure and a turn key solution to take their training to their employees’ handsets. It presently caters to product trainings, sales trainings, mobile assessments centers, senior management Video Casting trainings in association with leading content partners worldwide.

“Drona V-Cast is very effective solution for corporate executives. Leadership Development is most critical aspect in any organization. Developing leadership skills is often through ILT or outbound training programme in current scenario. We believe Leadership training is continual process. Hence giving such short multi-media learning snippets directly in their hand is most fruitful way.” says Director, Divyesh Kharade.

“We are thrilled to win such a prestigious award and we think this recognition represents a great opportunity to benefit mobile learning community on whole. It will help more mobile players and organizations to explore this space.” said Divyesh Kharade, Director & Co-Founder, Deltecs InfoTech.

Since Content is always national – due to language barriers, legal restrictions as well as cultural differences – people often do not see what is going on in other countries. The WSA aims to make people see that great ideas should be recognized, no matter where they come from.

Thus, the winners were selected a multi-step evaluation process lead by eminent national experts, an independent selection committee or an open national contest. The Grand Jury of 20 internationally recognized experts selected the global winners from the national finalists. “The Jury members hail from all continents and they have rich and diverse professional backgrounds as leaders in the creative industries, telecommunication, advertising, media and research. The jury was highly responsive to cultural differences and they worked to award visible great m-content, no matter whether it originated in Canada or Mexico, Guatemala or Slovenia”, explains WSA Chairman Prof. Peter A. Bruck. “This way WSA ensures that the events in Abu Dhabi will present what is top on the global plane.”

All winning projects will be presented to the world at the UN-cooperated WSA-mobile Winners’ Gala, Conference and Expo in Abu Dhabi from 5 to 8 December. As the world's first event focused on excellence in mobile content and applications it will also offer a chance to the winners and to anyone involved in this field to network and to be updated on what is the state-of-the-art.

More information on Keynote Speakers and Panels of the Conference and Gala can be found in the pre-programme onwsa-mobile.org or by clicking here. You can also directly register for the event on the website.

About the WSA-mobile

Organised by the International Center for New Media (ICNM) in Salzburg, the World Summit Award Mobile is a global initiative within the framework of, and in cooperation with, the United Nations World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS), in collaboration with UNESCO, UNIDO and the United National Global Alliance for ICT and Development (UN GAID).

The WSA-mobile is the only ICT event worldwide, which reaches the mobile community in over 160 countries and is able to promote the best mobile content and innovative applications out of this huge selection.

Abu Dhabi, as the city of the award’s key partner ADSIC (Abu Dhabi Systems & Information Centre), will host all WSA-mobile Awards until at least 2015.

For further information, go to www.wsa-mobile.org or contact wsa@icnm.net.

For ADSIC, Abu Dhabi, write to Ms. Batoul Husseini at batoul.husseini@adsic.abudhabi.ae

About Deltecs InfoTech

Deltecs was founded in Feb 2007, a Mumbai based company, pioneering in handheld learning Technologies.  Deltecs has been a market leader in terms of productizing mobile learning management system. It is leading provider of Enterprise Mobile Learning Products for organizations, institutes. Its award-winning product Drona, is India's only purpose builtdevelopment and delivery platform for mobile learning. Drona enables enterprises with a complete end to end infrastructure and a turn-key solution to take their training to their employees' handsets.

Contact Details

Email: info@deltecs.com

Website: www.deltecs.com

Phone: +91 22 2848874


UN-Cooperated Award honours product from India. The “World Summit Award Mobile” has chosen the best mobile contents & applications out of over 400 nominations from nearly 100 countries. Amongst the winners is DRONA Mobile Learning Management System.

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