Launch of the First Dedicated Website for Muslim Entrepreneurship


The Muslim Business Network (or “Mubine”) announce the launch of its dedicated Muslim portal ‘marketplace,’ a site fully dedicated to innovative projects of Muslim worldwide market. Mubine is a unique platform for qualified start-ups seeking funds as well as investors seeking broader access to growth markets in the developing world.


The founder and entrepreneurial mind behind, Mr. Khalid Lanjeri, developed this site with the vision that new outlets for the flow of business ideas and informational exchange between and across Muslim communities is necessary for effective global collaboration.The site is especially geared towards encouraging trading and investment in compliance with Islamic ethical values. Primarily, these values emphasis investment in the real economy as well as a deleveraged corporate structure, and should appeal to any individual investor no matter their faith, color or creed. As Mr. Lanjeri states, “we live in a world where many of us would like to change the image of Islam, to contribute to sustainable development and to improve the current financial system to make it more ethical and transparent.” The primary vision of Mubine is to provide a platform focused on exchange and mutual trust. By focusing on assisting new start-ups, in Muslim communities, the goal is to facilitate worldwide entrepreneurship based on Islamic grounds while simultaneously motivating business professionals to connect and communicate through collaborative efforts designed to help the project principle realize their dream. The Mubine website accessible on is set to become a tool for entrepreneurs who seek to facilitate and encouraging investment in order to build a better tomorrow.