7 reasons why Mark Zuckerberg, Founder, Facebook should come to India!


Click Asia Summit 2011, 20 – 22nd Jan, Mumbai, India

For the uninitiated, Mark Zuckerberg is the founder of Facebook. He is also billionaire, Time’s Person of the Year 2010 and the main protagonist in the super-hit real-reel movie, The Social Network. Mark Z is yet to celebrate his 30th birthday.

Twenty million of the whopping five hundred million Facebook users come from India and the expontential growth in these numbers make India an important part of the Facebook tribe. Here some good reasons why Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg should come to India!

Reason no. 1: Untapped potential..er..users: India is one of the top ten countries on Facebook in terms of number of users which is only 20% of all of India’s internet users. A visit from Mr. Z himself would definitely send those numbers soaring.

Reason no. 2: People really, really love /like Facebook: Remember the time when India was called one of Orkut’s last strongholds? No more. According to Comscore, Facebook had 20.9 unique visitors in July 2010, whereas Orkut, for the first time ever, stood at 19.9 million.

Reason no. 3: People want to know the Man behind the Phenomenon: The Social Network made its mark felt with one of the top grossing Hollywood films in 2010 (Source: Box Office Mojo), Clearly, people are interested in Mark Zuckerberg.

Reason no. 4: It’s growing. Fast: In March 2010, Facebook had 8M members in India. In 9 months, the numbers have doubled and the growth rate is akin to the US Facebook numbers. We vote that as a big deal.

Reason No. 5: Facebook is now in INDIA…: Time to boost the morale of the new team by a visit from the boss himself!

Reason no. 6. He Went To China: We know his interest in China (he even learns Mandarin Chinese), but is that any reason to disappoint millions of his Indian fans? We don’t block you (and hopefully never well) !!!

Reason no. 7: Move over discussion panels, its time for the big guns! Indian digital fraternity is ready to greet Mark Z with some cool events starting the year with Click Asia Summit 2011 and bringing in AdAsia 2011 after a hiatus of eight years. If he is looking for a platform, we have it ready!

Do you agree that Mark Zuckerberg should come to India? What better to communicate this to the Facebook CEO other than Facebook itself? Head over to the Mark Zuckerberg for India Facebook page www.facebook.com/markzforindia and join this online petition and spread the love! Let’s make it happen.