Kiran Patel, Founder, : Meet people on the move

0 was founded by Kiran Patel in mid-2010, and was joined by business partner Nick Farina in early 2011. The idea behind is to allow travelers the connect with each other while on the move, as well as to provide real-time travel information. The service has experienced quick growth, and recently was integrated with TripIt to allow for quick and easy uploading of trips. YourStory catches up with to learn more about the tech startup.Using is easy to use. Travelers can simply upload their travel plans directly to, or email their confirmations to, and sync their account with Then, travelers can see who is riding with them on a train or plane, and message or 'bump' them to connect with them. They can also use our service to check for delays on major U.S. public transportation systems in New York, New Jersey, Chicago, and San Francisco, as well as Amtrak (American national rail).

Idea behind this was founded by Kiran Patel's idea to connect people on the move. Kiran wanted to create the site to allow people to tap into the massive resource pool of commuters traveling in close proximity to one another. He was frustrated by all the missed connections that can occur while traveling, so he created

Business model is supported entirely by advertising revenue, and is free to all users.

Growth plans has a goal to allow people to soon travel in real-time. We are working hard on integrating our service with many other popular travel websites, to allow our users to read reviews, upload photos and videos, and share information with other sites all in one place.