Miracle Moments - Meet your S.O.U.L …Experience your Omnipresence…


OMNIPRESENCE! Must have heard of this word often but have you ever wondered, you can be omnipresent too!How?

I realized ‘how’ when I heard a wonderful, joyous and an exciting journey of Sangeeta, who I would say is spreading her being through her S.O.U.L

Sangeeta Bhagwat, an inspirational life coach, holistic healer facilitating inner transformation, author and one who extensively writes on healing empowerment in various media. Her works have helped people around the globe to bring about magnificent changes in their lives and she is quite touched with the numerous experiences she hears about people through her writing.

Writing has taken Sangeeta very long way. It is through her writing, that Sangeeta seems omnipresent. ‘One of the miracle moments,’ Sangeeta says, ‘is during the time when I’d started writing on healing and empowerment on my friend’s website. I got a mail from a dying lady, a stranger from another country, thanking me for writing an article as it helped her and her family to change their attitude towards her condition completely. After her death, her family wrote in again, thanking me for helping ease them all through that difficult time.’

‘It was deeply fulfilling that someone somewhere got to read what they needed to at that point. I felt encouraged to share more.’

Sangeeta writes fiction, non-fiction and poetry. Her books; ‘It’s Your Life,’ ‘The Care-givers Manual,’ and the ‘The Emotional Freedom Technique,’ all revolves around encouraging and empowering human beings to live life to the fullest using techniques to balance one’s body-mind-soul. When asked about how she relates to her own new self while writing, she shares, ‘Writing helps her to connect to the Source. It makes me feel I am being who I really am.’ Sangeeta is often awed by observing her own process of discovering her new self every time she writes something new.

Well, this is not it. Sangeeta recently added colors to many lives through her book which she says was completely unplanned and guided by her inner voice; S.O.U.L. Student of Universal Law. ‘S.O.U.L is an individual who has committed to undertake the journey of discovery of his true nature.’ The book talks about the need for the sheer search of the inner self that is needed for the transforming universe towards the ascension. We all are aware of the importance of the shift that our earth is experiencing. The shift from time and space towards the experience of our divine self that experiences the moments and the glimpses of ‘timeless’ and ‘spaceless.’

The book is a guide, a medium which shares the importance of the awakening of our selves towards our newer selves and being.

Writing S.O.U.L was an enlightening journey for Sangeeta, ‘The idea emerged and I began to write waiting to see what will unfold. Initially, the progress was slow, but I would write as and when the inner voice spoke.’

The word ‘soul’ has been like our mate since the time we are born on this earth. One could resonate with the book through its name and it was interesting to know from Sangeeta how she came up with this name. ‘Akin to the contents of the book, I intuited that the name of the book will be soul and it would be an acronym. The energy changed when the book was taken by the Xynobooks and the acronym had its name- Student of Universal Law.’

S.O.U.L is now available on the much liked Kindle and Amazon and thus now your copy is easily available to you at http://xynobooks.com/2010/12/soul/

Sangeeta’s omnipresence is felt not only through her writing but also through her healing and training sessions. She has touched lives through her extensive workshops using various tools and techniques of healing and therapy, one of which is Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). ‘I came to understand that my remarkable success with EFT has fuelled by my life experience as a coach, trainer, care-giver and a healer.’

‘My workshops and coaching sessions are focused on catalysts of change so that the benefits ripple out to many others. Hence my audience and clients are often teachers, doctors, healers, facilitators and corporate leaders.’

Sangeeta has made remarkable contribution to the world and this is because she simply chose to hear her inner calling. ‘Life is always speaking to us, through various channels. Books are one of the clear mediums.’

Sangeeta has chosen to continue to dedicate herself to writing. Her writing may help you find your own answers to the many questions we may be having about our lives.

‘The question is - Are we willing to listen and believe?’ asks Sangeeta inviting us to explore our signs towards our journey.

-Dr. Sonia Mackwani - Clinical Psychologist, Hypno-therapist, Integrated Healer, Founder of Touching Lives NGO in Mumbai

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