My First Cheque, a seed fund by ‘Chequemate’, to write the ‘First Cheque’ for Indian Start-ups

Wednesday January 05, 2011,

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My First Cheque is a seed fund which will help start-ups and budding entrepreneurs realize their dreams by providing the initial investment (the first cheque) of INR 5-25 lakhs.

The customized website encourages entrepreneurs with ideas for start up companies to approach My First Cheque, who in turn plays an integral role in seeding and mentoring them to success.

Represented by ‘Chequemate’ in the form of an online avatar, My First Cheque has a unique model of investing called co-fun investing. This entails evaluating a business as a potential co-founder (focused more on execution) and NOT as a traditional investor. 

This unique model of seed investing is being introduced by three experts with more than 50 years of entrepreneurial experience, including successful exits, between them - Gautam Sinha, Prahlad Rao and Monisha Advani.

Please log onto and wade through the exciting contents ranging from Tales of Inspirations, Chequemate blog- Dream Big, the profiles of the Founders and the services (mentorship and guidance) My First Cheque offers budding entrepreneurs.

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