Preeti Monga, Founder, Silver Linings and winner of Dr. Batra's Positive Health Awards 2010


Preeti Monga shares her entrepreneurial journey with YourStory despite her extreme physical limitations. She is a Corporate Trainer, a Public Speaker, a Counselor, a Fitness Consultant, a PR professional, an Author and specializes in motivating people..

YourStory: Please tell us in brief about yourself and Silver Linings

Preeti: I started out as an Aerobic instructor (the first blind person to have taken this on as a career), and simultaneously worked as a Computer and English teacher. I have also been a Sales and Marketing manager, a freelance journalist, a public speaker, a fund-raiser and a disability rights activist. Today, I have my own organization ‘Silver Linings’, as well as a superb job plus I am a consultant with a number of reputed NGOs. Along with my various professions, I am now an established Corporate Trainer, and am beginning to make a place for myself in this competitive field too.

Silver Linings started with a mission to train, inspire and facilitate everyone, especially disabled and help under privileged women find their own place in the world and move towards complete empowerment and success. I am a proud mother of two children and a very happy grandmother of one. I have a wonderful husband, a loving family, a beautiful home and great friends.

YourStory: What are the challenges you seem to be facing?

Preeti: I feel challenges are there all the time. One of the biggest challenges I face is that people very often disappear while I am still talking to them, and am left talking to the empty space! Just laugh about it and move on. Well, cant think of any others at the moment that I have not found ways out of.

YourStory: How does it feel to be the winner of Dr.Batra's Positive Health Award? Do you think an Award like this makes a difference? Has it impacted you in some way?

Preeti: It makes me feel great and honoured to have got the Dr. Batra's Positive award. It has enhanced my self esteem and I feel encouraged to go ahead in life to fulfill my mission with greater zeal.

I feel it is important to get such prestigious recognitions. Also, am now able to reach out further.

YourStory: Any message for the others

Preeti: "Never give up. Learn and grow from your failures and keep dreaming all the time!"

About Dr Batra's Positive Health Clinic:

Dr Batras' Positive Health Clinic Pvt. Ltd.(DBPHCPL) is India's Leading Homeopathic Healthcare Corporate. DBPHCPL is today a global chain of over 58 clinics spread across 22 Cities in India and abroad. With a base of over 250 doctors including 40 MD's, Merit holders & Gold Medalists, Specialists in Trichology, Dermatology,General Medicine, Diabetes & Pediatrics, it is our endeavour to bring the best available pain-free treatment to our patients whose trust Dr Batras' have gained over the past 27 years.


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