Siddhant Satija, Founder, Project Agya


Project Agya – India’s Defence Career and Awareness PortalOur dreams have come a long way from the time when a doctor, engineer or an officer were held as the ultimate career choices. Today entrepreneurs, software engineers, and other new age careers are capturing the imagination of a new generation. However one career choice has retained its aura, nobility and allure... the Defence Forces of India. Only the best are chosen for the forces and its selection procedure is among the toughest in the country . Siddhant Satija has decided to help those pursuing a career in the Defence forces with Project Agya – India’s No1 Defence Careers and Awareness Portal

A strong and resurgent India recently celebrated its 62nd Republic Day on 26th of January 2011 and we were all proud to witness the strength of the Indian Defence forces and its military might. On the occasion Siddhant Satija a student at Amity University and an entrepreneur was burning the midnight oil to keep up with his promise to launch version 2.0 of Project Agya, India's No.1 Defence Careers& Awareness Portal.

Project Agya launched in May 2010 is featured amongst the world's top five networked blogs for careers in the Defence. In India it is one of a kind and is often used as an example by the social media industry because of the concepts involved in its making.

The portal gives an insight into a career with the Indian Defence Forces, but is not limited in its scope. It covers discussions on entry barriers, the interview techniques, and the written examination trends for the Indian Army, Air force, Navy ,Indian Administrative Services (IAS) & Provincial Administrative Services (PCS). It has a dedicated forum for answering queries and live counseling by experts. The portal has over 2 lac page views and more than 25000 unique visitors in the age group of 18-25 years.

Siddhant is a social networking tech wizard and as one of India's best web researchers, he has published several research papers in the domain of social networking (one of it being copyrighted by CSIR). His recent research paper “web 2.0 implementation in social networking” has been featured across the print and digital media.

He is also passionate about online marketing and has worked with various start-ups across India, helping them build up from scratch by leveraging the power of social media. He is also active in delivering workshops for young engineers/managers at various universities and colleges across India.

Siddhant plans to build on the initiative by reaching out to organizations with similar causes. He plans to expand his reach by conducting offline activities as well as holding career awareness and counseling camps across the nation in association with the Amity Indian Military Education Society that acts as a consulting partner in this noble cause.

YourStory wishes Siddhant Satija and Project Agya success in helping many an aspirant reach their dream of serving India. We salute his efforts and urge the few and the brave who have set their sights on a military career to visit