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Vivek Bajaj, Founder, Kredent Academy in conversation with YourStory

YourStory: Tell us about your venture

Vivek Bajaj: It is a long standing complaint that finance and capital markets training depicts the industry in one light and when reality hits the industry looks different. It is perhaps for this reason that “Kredent Academy” employs industry professionals as faculty eliminating that knowledge gap. Conceived and founded by Vivek Bajaj the “Kredent Academy” business idea also uses specialized software like Bloomberg, Reuters, Falcon, Metastock and also their self-developed practical training software Live Simulator.

For its efforts Kredent Academy has been recognized as the Best Finance Training Institute by the prestigious Gurukul Awards for 2008-09 and also for 2009-10.

Yourstory interviewed Vivek Bajaj to learn more about “Kredent Academy” and the all round complete training that they provide.

YourStory: What innovative business idea have you applied to professional training at Kredent Academy?

Vivek Bajaj: Kredent Academy is one of the foremost professional training institutes in India with focus on finance and capital markets.

By incorporating the practical mode of imparting training and exclusively using market participants as faculty, we create a 360 degree knowledge circle for the students inclusive of theoretical, practical and applicable learning that will groom them for a successful career in the financial market.

We are delighted to be recognized as a sublime factor in our students’ growth – whether transcending existing careers to the next levels, enriching the individual identity and career by augmenting skills set or simply enlighten the knowledge in the young minds of our nation.

YourStory: Who can benefit from the training that is offered at Kredent?

Vivek Bajaj: The scope of our organization is extremely diversified with people from cross section of the society getting benefit from it. Students, professionals, housewife as well as retirees have all witnessed a stupendous change in their life by adopting our courses and products.

YourStory: What makes Kredent different from other training institutes?

Vivek Bajaj: The differentiator is PRACTICAL learning. We create an environment through infrastructure and through mode of delivery which is most suited to impart relevant learning on the subject.

YourStory: What are the hurdles that you encountered as an entrepreneur?

Vivek Bajaj: Changing the mindset of the management to make them adapt the new way of doing business.

Recruiting highly paid executives and expecting too much from them.

YourStory:How has Kredent institute grown as a company?

Vivek Bajaj: From a one center set-up, we have grown up to four branches with 22 people on board.

YourStory: What is Kredent’s most notable achievement so far?

Vivek Bajaj: Tying up with St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata for a course design and delivered fully by us.

YourStory: What target have you set for Kredent Eduedge in the coming 2 years?

Vivek Bajaj: Becoming the top financial training institute in India and beyond.

YourStory: What is the technology platform that you use at Kredent Eduedge?

Vivek Bajaj: Most of our software are employed to suit customized requirements of our courses and students and hence are internally developed, though we also deploy platform from other vendors like Bloomberg, Reuters, Falcon, Metastock and others.

YourStory wishes Vivek Bajaj and Kredent success with creating a long lasting impact on the finance and capital markets training industry. To gain an additional insight into their work you can go to


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