YourStory Exclusive : Reverie Technologies wins Qualcomm's Q Prize India edition


Reverie Technologies has won the India edition of Qualcomm's Q Prize. The finals held today in Mumbai saw 8 companies pitch their ideas to the judges who comprised of VCs and representatives from Qualcomm and Microsoft. Reverie provides users with the choice to read text in any language independent of the source language of the text. A device manufacturer does not need to support all complex scripts of the world on the device if they make use of Reverie’s products. The company thereby enables display of, interaction in and content creation in local languages.

"QPrize™" is an international competition designed to launch great ideas from entrepreneurs who strive to bring technology innovation to market. Qualcomm Ventures is awarding $750,000 in seed capital via a series of six regional business plan competitions and one grand-final competition. Eight finalists will be selected in each region and the winner given the opportunity to receive $100,000 in convertible note funding plus an opportunity to compete for an additional $150,000 in our Grand Prize Competition.


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