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YourStory is the official online media partner for WATSummit 2011. The event is scheduled on 14th January, 2011 in Mumbai

Brief on WATSummit 2011

WatBlog is the origin point of WATSummit. While WATBlog serves as a forum for the best and the brightest in the web, advertising and technology Industry in India; WATSummit is bringing them together for a purpose. WATSummit 2011 is a gathering point for industry leaders to deliberate, discuss and predict the future of web, advertising and technology.

From digital media opportunities, to industry related challenges, and interesting opportunities WATSummit is the catalyst that will enable India’s leading digital & tech professionals to usher in a new age in digital media marketing.

What to expect at WATSummit 2011

This summit will primarily focus on outlining the way ahead for Web, Advertising and Technology Industry and how this medium has evolved over the years. We aim to bring together the industry through leaders to discuss the probable pathway for the Digital Media industry by shedding light on interesting opportunities for industry players. Since the last four years, WATBlog's contribution to the Digital Media ecosystem has been commendable and has constantly evolved itself in leading insights and opinions on every development in this sector.

Who should attend?

WATSummit aims to bring together visionaries from digital advertising & tech space along with the finest & brightest digital media professionals, CXOs, CTOs, strategists, marketers, editors, publishers, entrepreneurs & bloggers. We meet to discuss various digital media opportunities in India & to discern the take of various industry leaders on the same.

Details on the IV Panels for Discussion and their Speakers

WATSummit features IV broad topics for discussion with speakers chosen and known for their expertise and experience in that particular field.

1. Growth Requirement for Digital Media and Entertainment:

2. Social Media Opportunity for Brands and Business:

3. Way Forward for Mobile Monetization and Banking:

4. Startup Vs VC Perspective Panel

Growth Requirement for Digital Media and Entertainment:

With India’s economy running high on consumer spending on online shopping as well as entertainment it’s important that we delve into this segment. What once was considered as a niche market is now being looked upon as massive investment opportunities. This panel will focus on discussing on what is required on digital media and entertainment space for growth.

Sameer Pitalwalla, Business Head, UTV

Debadutta Upadhyaya, Vice president, Vdopia

Vivek Bhargava, Founder & Managing Director, Communicate2

Rammohan Sundaram, CEO & Managing Director, Networkplay

Social Media Opportunity for Brands and Business:

This panel will essentially deal in discussing social media opportunities in India & the scope this market offers. How far have we reached & what are the challenges this industry will face in future? Is this space too cluttered to survive? Is this the right medium for brands to showcase their products? Are brands hesitant to undertake this medium for marketing their expertise? These & many more questions will be addressed in this panel.

Karl Gomes, Co-founder at AgencyDigi

Ali Hussein, Director – Digital Media, MTV Networks

Rajiv Dingra, Founder & CEO – WATMedia Pvt Ltd

Way Forward for Mobile Monetization and Banking:

The mobile ecosystem is in the midst of an extraordinary wave of revolution. As business models adapt, new verticals and players emerge. Technology evolves, perceptions shift, and lives are improved. Mobile phones in India have evolved at a break-neck speed. With subscribers increasing day in and day out, the mobile industry has only way to go: forward. This is where monetization and payments remains a mysteriously unsolved puzzle with regulations and uptake both being slow. What’s next in this field is what we shall discuss.

Kunal Bajaj, Managing Director, Analysys Mason

Beerud Sheth, Co – Founder and CEO – Webaroo (

Kushal Sanghvi, Executive Director, StratosHear

Vijay Shekhar Sharma, Chairman & Managing Director, One97

Aditya Menon, Chief Information & Technology Officer, Obopay

Startup Vs VC Perspective Panel

Startups are always eager to gain the BIG share in their industry. But the road to it is tremendously exigent. This panel shall look into how startups can scale progressively with organic and inorganic funds. It will also look at the challenges in raising funding and pre and post funding tips from VC’s and entrepreneurs.

Rahul Khanna, Director, Clearstone Venture Advisors

Alok Kejriwal, Co – Founder and CEO, Games2win

Sasha Mirchandani, Managing Director, Blue Run Ventures India.

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