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Piyush studied Economics from St. Xaviers College and has been a University topper. He quit his international finance job with a burning desire to do something towards making India more sustainable and equitable. Vinay, Ekta and Piyush got together to start Switch ON, an NGO focusing on climate change. Before starting ONergy, Piyush has led successful other projects such as whyNewcOal, envirONmentpress, Kolkata Cycling Club.“Everything is super exciting as long as you are passionate, self-motivated, humble, ready to face failure, challenges and criticism in a positive way.

Where else could I get an opportunity to interact with the poorest (rural household) and the richest (investors), work on spreadsheets and on the field, do the smallest of job and also the top job - everything on the same day” says Piyush when asked about his entrepreneurial journey so far. Piyush talks to YourStory about Onergy and on being shortlisted as a candidate for Unreasonable Institute 2011

Tell us more about your venture

ONergy is a Renewable Energy Venture - providing complete energy solutions to rural India. We create an ecosystem which connects technology, finance and grassroot organizations - to manage the energy needs, aspirations and resources of rural BoP beneficiaries. We create and manage the distribution and servicing of appropriate renewable technology - effectively and creatively.

How is it creating an impact?

India’s rural BOP is considered as 114 million rural households, who do not have access to clean and reliable energy - leading to a food, development and environment crisis. We aim to “ONergize” 1 million lives by 2015 (over 200,000 HH) by providing access to lighting, cooking, electrification and clean water solutions through a market driven way. We aim to eradicate the use of fossil fuel like kerosene and diesel. Our NGO would compliment ONergy's activites by focusing on training, capacity building and identify linkages between energy and other social problems.

What will it mean for your venture to get shortlisted as the finalist to the unreasonable institute?

Its an excellent opportunity to take ONergy to the next level. We get mentored by the best in the industry, build a global network, raise capital, get consultancy and make friends with high-impact entrepreneurs.

What are some of the challenges you faced? How did you overcome them?

There are a lot of challenges while starting up any enterprise. There are even more challenges while starting up a social enterprise. And I feel there are even more challenges if the social enterprise is building a base in rural areas where the problems and bottlenecks get magnified.

A passionate team with complimenting skill sets and some great mentors and partners has made it slightly easier for us.

Marketplace Link - http://marketplace.unreasonableinstitute.org/ventures/view/16/ONergy

Website - www.onergy.in

Facebook page - http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/ONergy/247867683350

Twitter - http://twitter.com/onergyre


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